Blum’s Picks From CES: 3 Better Ways

January 16, 2012 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Blum’s Picks From CES: 3 Better Waysby Jonathan Blum –

LAS VEGAS — The geek elite have been dissing the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show for lack of breakout products or services, say like 3-D television or a hot new gaming platform. But for businesss, anyway, I am finding a nice selection of new gadgets and trends, including so-called Ultrabooks — those buzzwordy light, thin notebook computers with no hard drive.

There are also plenty of less well-known tech trends, gadgets and services coming out of this year’s CES a business will care about…

#2. Registered email becomes a legit business tool with RPost
In the age of the iPhone and artificial intelligence and cars that talk, innovation in email seems like a non-starter. But don’t believe it. Los Angeles-based RPost showed what I think is a legit game changer for business communications: a low-cost, registered email tool that can be used from a mobile device.

The company showed an impressive demonstration of sending an email with confirmation services on an iPhone, iPad, Google Android device and BlackBerry. The service confirms time of delivery, produces legally verifiable proof of who knew what and when and is encrypted — essentially offering sophisticated, enterprise-level virtual communications at a price any business can afford.

Here’s the firm’s trial offer: “10 registered email messages for proof and open tracking, 10 encrypted email messages for privacy and compliance, 10 documents sent for electronic signature, 10 certified large file transfers up to 200MB each or any combination of the above.” After that there are monthly plans, with average plans below $100 per month, company CEO Zafar Khan says. Considering that running a business boils down to a never-ending game of “he said, she said,” is that a good idea, or what?