Dr. Dobbs: RPost Opens Cloud Platform APIs For Registered Email

August 26, 2011 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Dr. Dobbs: RPost Opens Cloud Platform APIs For Registered Emailby Adrian Bridgwater – Dr. Dobbs

Email authentication services for developers focused on messaging security, signature, and compliance.

Message encryption and electronic signature services company RPost has launched a new cloud platform technology that caters to the needs of developers interested in targeting the “registered email” market. By hosting a specialty network for adding functionality to messaging streams, the RPost Cloud platform has now been opened up to allow third-party developers to help integrate or route a specific class of messaging.

Independent developers can take advantage of RPost’s APIs for data input, feature selection, product delivery, intelligence reporting, and authentication. These APIs allow for SMTP or HTTPS interaction with the RPost Cloud, for all data inputs and outputs.

The RPost Cloud platform is built on RPost’s registered email technology standard for processing high-value email messages with added characteristics that deliver a specialized message product to the recipient, returning analytics, reports, and evidence records to the sender.

Both sending apps and application programming interfaces can be configured to filter outbound messages for normal versus high-value routing. Those messages tagged for high value are routed through the RPost Cloud platform for special processing. The RPost Cloud processes the message with patented technologies and delivers a message with special characteristics and functions to the recipient.

In return, the sender receives use, delivery, opening, signing, and securing analytics reports to provide the sender or sender organization with visibility into their data traffic processed by the RPost Cloud and transaction receipts to serve as evidence. The RPost Cloud remains available to serve as the third-party authenticator of the transaction data for use as evidence anytime in the future.

According to RPost, “Users and developers can combine, on a message-by-message basis, many of RPost’s seventy legal, security, signature, compliance, and authentication services. The RPost Cloud creates an opportunity for developers and service providers to generate new recurring transactional or per-user revenue based on the amount of data they route for processing by the RPost Cloud.”

For an IT department, the RPost Cloud provides security intelligence in the forms of data reports and dashboards. These help organizations recognize usage patterns, training gaps, and governance and confidentiality policy effectiveness, as well as allocate costs to business units or groups by usage or number of active users.