RPost Cloud Sets New Open Standard for Anywhere, Anytime Legal Electronic Messaging

August 25, 2011 / in News / by RPost Marketing

esign email securityAward-winning RPost launches Cloud service to process high value Internet transactions for Mobile, Web and Third-Party Email Providers

LOS ANGELES, CA — Aug 25, 2011 — RPost, the inventor of Registered Email services, today announced the launch of the RPost Cloud™ platform as the new global standard for legal electronic messaging. The RPost Cloud platform is built on RPost’s innovative and first-rate Registered Email service technology standard for processing high value email messages with added characteristics that deliver a specialized message product to the recipient, returning analytics, reports and evidence records to the sender.

“In the spirit of the technology specialization associated with cloud services, RPost has transformed its processing networks into an open platform so developers can extend their applications to route only their high value outbound messages to the RPost Cloud for special processing,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan. Register for Khan’s next open RPost technology briefing, which will feature the RPost Cloud.

The RPost Cloud acts as an infrastructure extension to developers’ own software platforms to add legally valid proof and non-repudiation, security and compliance, legal electronic signature and authentication, and collaboration and deliverability services.

“The RPost Cloud is processing high value messages for clients today in nearly every country of the world. We are now opening this platform up to developers worldwide to extend their capabilities, products, and transaction intelligence,” adds Khan.

How the RPost Cloud Platform Works With Email Everywhere: Standard Apps, Open Apps and APIs

For ordinary email users, RPost standard apps provide an elegant user interface that permits senders to select a variety of actions from within their existing email program. RPost standard apps can be downloaded from the RPost website and can be used with desktop email programs (i.e. Outlook, Lotus), mobile devices (i.e. BlackBerry, Apple iOS), and web browsers.

For software and service providers, RPost opens these standard apps so they are configurable for their developers to build into their software platforms to programmatically trigger use of RPost features. For example, service providers can filter outbound messages and based on message content, determine to be high value and route those messages to be processed by the RPost Cloud platform for secure encrypted delivery with auditable proof of compliance with data privacy rules.

Lastly, independent developers can take advantage of RPost’s application programming interfaces (APIs) for data input, feature selection, product delivery, intelligence reporting, and authentication. These APIs allow for SMTP or HTTPS interaction with the RPost Cloud, for all data inputs and outputs.

How the RPost Cloud Architecture Itself Works

Both sending apps and application programming interfaces can be configured to filter outbound messages for normal versus high value routing. Those messages tagged for high value are routed through the RPost Cloud platform for special processing. The RPost Cloud processes the message with special patented technologies and delivers a message with special characteristics and functions to the recipient.

In return, the sender receives use, delivery, opening, signing and securing analytics reports to provide the sender or sender organization with visibility into their data traffic processed by the RPost Cloud and transaction receipts to serve as evidence.  The RPost Cloud remains available to serve as the third-party authenticator of the transaction data for use as evidence anytime in the future.

Processing, Product Features and Analytics

Users and developers can combine, on a message-by-message basis, many of RPost’s seventy legal, security, signature, compliance, and authentication services. For an IT department, the RPost Cloud provides unparalleled security intelligence in the forms of data reports and dashboards. These help organizations recognize usage patterns, training gaps, and governance and confidentiality policy effectiveness, as well as allocate costs to business units or groups by usage or active users. This also permits an IT department to optimize its service licenses and pay for only those seats or users where there is active usage.

Acting as the third-party authenticator, the RPost Cloud platform remains available to authenticate Certified Email messages and email proof receipts at any time in the future, reconstructing the authenticated message content, transmission metadata, delivery level and status, and delivery times. The RPost system does this using patented technology that does not require the RPost system to store any email messages, content or data.

New Revenue Generation for Developers and Service Providers

The RPost Cloud creates an opportunity for developers and service providers to generate new recurring transactional or per-user revenue based on the amount of data they route for processing by the RPost Cloud.

“Those that tie their high value outbound message stream to the RPost Cloud for processing will enjoy the benefits of RPost’s continuous innovation reflected in its unique product approach which have earned 35 patents with worldwide coverage,” says Khan. “Further, by adding the cost savings and administrative efficiencies delivered by the RPost Cloud services to ones’ existing product cost-benefit arguments, one can change the overall ROI calculation for software products in a meaningful and positive way.”

About RPost:
RPost is the global standard for email proofmessage encryption and electronic signature services.  RPost’s Registered Email services enable both sender and recipient to prove, sign, encrypt, archive and collaborate across desktop, mobile and online email platforms, with far less cost, time, paper and risk. RPost services are designed for industries such as insurance, financial services, legal, telecommunications, manufacturing and real estate, where the speed of contract execution, encryption or court admissible email records may be a business critical requirement. Recipient of the 2011 World Mail Award for Security, endorsed as the top pick by the 2011 JMBM Corporate Counsel Guide for Converting Contract and Legal Notices to Electronic Delivery and the 2011 Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers’ Buyers Guide for Email Encryption, RPost services are in use in nearly every country in the world, by the U.S. Government through AT&T’s GSA schedule, within Global F500 companies, and endorsed by the most influential American bar associations. RPost, founded in 2000, has been granted 35 patents with worldwide coverage and operates in 8 languages. To contact one of our six global business centers or to register for a no-cost trial, please visit www.rpost.com.

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