Encryption and eSignatures Free for Ingram Micro Worldwide MSPs’ Business Operations, with RPost

October 20, 2022 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Encryption and eSignatures Free for Ingram Micro Worldwide MSPs’ Business Operations, with RPostRPost Expands Partnership with Ingram Micro Cloud, Now Makes RMail Email Security and RSign eSignatures an Included No-Cost Centerpiece for MSPs to Use in their Business Operations Everywhere.

Los Angeles, CA – October 20, 2022 – Ingram Micro announced at Cloud Summit its strategic goals of being the Business behind MSPs’ Business, providing not only sourcing of software services for MSPs to bring to their customers, but also offering the best technology tools to do so more effectively. RPost has the technology behind its new eSign and e-security program for MSP operations. Ingram Micro is now adding RMail® email encryption and PRE-Crime™ services to pre-empt BEC cybersecurity invoice mis-payments/wire fraud and assure privacy compliance, Registered Email™ proof of email delivery, and RSign® eSignatures as no-cost tools that MSPs can use in their business of servicing clients.

This new RPost eSign, e-security program is now available through Ingram Micro worldwide.

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  1. MSP users can, with a few clicks, auto-enroll, which provides users a web dashboard to access these services along with quick-install links to add them to Microsoft Outlook, Windows, or Gmail.
  2. MSPs can send messages encrypted with tracking and proof of delivery, Email Eavesdropping™ or Active Tracker™ alerts, eSign, and leverage more advanced capabilities for free to use in their business operations.
  3. Within 30-days of the first use, MSPs can upgrade to the premium program at no cost to add RMail PRE-Crime and other services, or request user training or migration assistance – all courtesy of Ingram Micro via RPost.
  4. MSPs – if they want to bring these services additionally to their clients – can procure them from the Ingram Micro Cloud marketplaces.

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“Adding new tech tools essential to our MSP customer operations – in email security, email proof, email encryption, secure file share, and eSignatures – fits our mission of making Ingram Micro the best place for MSPs worldwide to source a selectively crafted portfolio of software services for their customers,” explains Darryl Oliver, Ingram Micro’s Director of Portfolio Development. “Every business needs e-security and eSignatures — it makes perfect sense that our MSPs and resellers need so as well. And, we’re making the investment to provide these to them, so they can enjoy them at no cost.”

Encryption and eSignatures Free for Ingram Micro Worldwide MSPs’ Business Operations, with RPost

Ingram Micro supports MSP business operations by managing, more efficiently, their software service provisioning, selling marketplace, billing and collections automation, marketing; and now their ability to communicate securely with customers (via RMail) and record purchases and change orders through the use of electronic signatures (via RSign). “For all those MSPs currently paying for eSign or email security, pay no more and get going with this great Ingram Micro RMail & RSign program! Don’t confuse this with a typical ‘NFR’ program – these services are for you to use continuously in your business operations,” emphasizes Sean Walsh, RPost’s MSP partner manager.

“We at RPost see Ingram Micro’s providing RMail and RSign to MSPs inclusive in their program as a great benefit to MSPs worldwide, and essentially lets them and their customers experience the power of these services first-hand,” adds RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “If their customers enjoy the experience, the MSPs can source more RMail and RSign for customers from any one of Ingram Micro’s 26 regional marketplaces covering 76 countries.”

RMail and RSign by RPost are available for MSPs in each of the 76 countries, and immediately available for purchase for customers in 15 Ingram Micro regions today with new regions deploying continuously.

“With RPost’s newest R1 App that runs inside Microsoft Office and Windows, as they say, One Install Does It All. It installs in seconds and provides MSPs the best in email open tracking, proof of e-delivery, encryption, large file share, eSignatures, and specialized pre-emptive cybercrime BEC wire fraud alerts to prevent mis-payments,” adds Oliver.

Encryption and eSignatures Free for Ingram Micro Worldwide MSPs’ Business Operations, with RPost

“We’re constantly polling our customer audience to guide our product roadmap –79.9% of our surveyed professionals rated email security at top of mind; 85% of legal professionals and 68% of insurance professionals,” concludes RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “We’re seeing a clear distinction in user needs — privacy for compliance, security automation to protect from human error and inadvertent data loss, more abilities to control content even after sent, and AI that thwarts cybersecurity crimes in progress. Our RMail product today meets all of these needs — and we’re adding more on the pre-emptive e-crime front. And further, our RSign eSignatures are simply feature-rich, much more affordable, and connect into Salesforce.com, iManage, and other platforms — and free for MSPs!”

RMail AI™, running inside the R1 App for Microsoft Outlook, not only automates email encryption for the security of HIPAA and GDPR-related email but also now adds “in-the-moment-of-sending” email encryption compliance. The email encryption via RPost Registered Email™ messages, brings additional value – tracking timestamped delivery and opening, protecting against E&O issues, and providing a message-level audit record of the fact of email privacy compliance.

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About RPost:

We’re the global leader in premium, feature-rich and more affordable e-signature and cybersecurity services, and we’ve been continuously innovating for our customers the world over since 2000. From within our three main platforms, RMail e-security, RSign eSignatures, and Registered™ e-compliance, we’re everything our customers need when it comes to email, document and form security, compliance, and workplace acceleration — track, prove, eSign, encrypt, share, certify, control. We do what no other company does — all in one.

We thrive on ensuring that we are artisans and experts in everything we do: secure and certified email encryption for privacy and compliance; eSignatures and web forms to ease digitization of workflows; e-delivery tracking to prove important communications; managed file transfer to simplify secure sharing of large documents and sets of files; document-level digital rights management to empower control of document access even after transmission; and AI-infused apps to prevent data leaks by minimizing human e-security errors. This is why more than 25 million users have enjoyed our RMail, RSign, and Registered services for over two decades across 193 countries. Learn more at the RPost website.