RESPRO Re-Affirms RMail Innovation Value with its New BEC Wire Fraud Pre-Emptive Tech

November 03, 2022 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RESPRO Re-Affirms RMail Innovation Value with its New BEC Wire Fraud Pre-Emptive TechRMail Cybersecurity Innovation Thwarts Today’s BEC Induced Wire Fraud Targeting Settlement Services in the Residential Real Estate Market

Los Angeles, CA and Washington D.C – November 3, 2022

The Real Estate Services Providers Council (RESPRO) has re-affirmed its identification of the value that RPost services bring to residential real estate settlement service providers, with RPost’s newest targeted cyberattack pre-emptive technology; RMail PRE-Crime. RESPRO selected RMail as top pick in the past, in its Cybersecurity and Compliance Buyer’s Guide when Business Email Compromise trickery first emerged as a sophisticated cybercriminal lure causing real estate professionals and home buyers to mis-wire escrow funds. The FBI reports losses in the last year alone are at least $2.4 billion in mis-wires, causing closing funds to be sent inadvertently directly to cybercriminal accounts.

“We are pleased to have RPost as a member of RESPRO as we believe they provide valuable and innovative services to settlement services providers,” states Ken Trepeta, RESPRO Executive Director. RPost and RESPRO will showcase the latest must-have cyber protective tech; innovation that RPost calls its Email Eavesdropping™ and Lookalike Domain™ alerts to RESPRO members and others in the industry on November 16th.

Presented by RESPRO and RPost, this free November 16th cyber-awareness, tools and tips showcase will include insights from Ken Trepeta, RESRPO Executive Director, RPost CEO Zafar Khan, and World Wide Land Transfer CEO Marc Shaw. This educational session is available for all RESPRO members as well as any other title insurance, escrow, transactional lawyer or other settlement service provider (click here to register).

RMail’s Email Eavesdropping™ alerts show you in real-time which email accounts are being eavesdropped on – whether the sender, recipient or future forwarded recipient — along with all the metadata related to the eavesdropping activity, packaged nicely for further IT expert analysis and response. And, this service can be enabled on any outbound email from any device without need for any plugins or changes to other inbound or outbound security gateways.

“Email account compromise and BEC are major threats across the entire integrated residential real estate sector – whether that compromised account is a home buyer or an escrow, title, closing, or mortgage agent or broker,” adds RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “Having advance detection techniques to visually see whose email account is currently being eavesdropped on by cybercriminals is, today, a must-have.”

RMail’s Lookalike Domain™ alerts that run inside Microsoft Outlook, protect against both human error and these tricky cybercriminal lures that exploit how the human mind reads words, using domains that appear to be those of a trusted real estate transaction participant.

“Mistakenly addressing email to the wrong person due to the pace of sending — human error — or being lured by cleverly constructed lookalike domains — cybercriminal trickery — is a major risk to RESPRO members,” adds Khan. “Inbound gateways stamping markings on most inbound email makes one numb to the warning. There must be a better way. And, now there is, with RPost.”

RPost calls its BEC targeted attack defense technology, its RMail PRE-Crime suite; it pre-empts cybercrime in real time, after the hook is in, before the steal.

Join the RESPRO tech educational webinar on November 16 at 2pm ET to hear first-hand how this new RMail technology works and is currently used in the Real Estate and Title sector; and why this innovation has inspired RESPRO to re-affirm its statement of value of RMail. (CLICK TO REGISTER).


The Real Estate Services Providers Council (RESPRO) a national non-profit trade association with members touching the majority of residential real estate transactions in North America.

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