Focus on Your App, Let RPost Cloud Worry about Compliance

April 26, 2012 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Focus on Your App, Let RPost Cloud Worry about Complianceby Eric Carter – ProgrammableWeb

RPost made its name in the compliance space through its RPost API and core products: email proof, privacy, and electronic signatures. RPost’s core offering won a customer list full of household names across many industries, both public and private (Whole Foods, AT&T, and Civpol to name a few). RPost now aims to bring its compliance strategy to all internet transactions via RPost Cloud.

RPost Cloud “acts as an infrastructure extension to developers’ own software platforms to add legally valid proof and non-repudiation, security and compliance, electronic signature and authentication, and collaboration and deliverability services.” Any transaction that requires a higher level of service (e.g. payment, contracts, private information, etc.) can be routed through RPost Cloud by integrating one or more of RPost Cloud’s APIs with a third-party developer’s web, mobile, or e-mail application.

RPost Cloud connects to third-party applications via a series of SOAP APIs. Developers can extend their applications in two areas: 1) submit data into the RPost Cloud (input) 2) receive data from the RPost Cloud (output). Input APIs allow developers to input data from their application to the RPost Cloud platform for processing. Output APIs allow applications to receive data from e-mails, analytics engines, or other evidentiary documents in a legally verifiable format.

Compliance issues are constantly developing, and will continue to change as new technology arises. Simply because an application was in compliance when created does not mean it will stay in compliance. After all, “news around corporate compliance, risk, and governance just comes too fast and furious to keep pace.” RPost Cloud allows developers to concentrate on the application itself—not compliance issues—which promotes better apps with more feature rich attributes.