More it providers unite behind RPost to bring their clients the free work-from-home readiness program from RPost

March 28, 2020 / in News / by RPost Marketing

More IT Providers Unite to Bring their Clients Worldwide the E-Sign & E-Security (Free) Work-from-Home Readiness Program

When we announced RPost’s E-Sign & E-Security (Free) Work-from-Home Readiness Program on March 16, we were trying to do our part during this crisis. With this program, RPost aims to donate at no cost, millions of its award winning e-signature, email encryption, file sharing, and e-security software licenses to help our customers, friends, and their friends the world over in this exceptional health and economic crisis.

This is now much bigger than RPost. What started as an initiative for those who we could get the word out to has now become an informal coalition of businesses helping businesses, friends helping friends, and strangers helping strangers in every corner of the world.

We believe this crisis is unlike any we have experienced in modern times. Since we announced this RPost software (free) work-at-home readiness program, our partners — premier technology service providers and software makers the world over — have asked if they can join in this effort. We believe in helping those on the front lines and businesses everywhere of every type who are trying to do more with fewer resources – health care professionals, small companies and large, government staffers, educators, lawyers, investors, bankers, insurers, manufacturers, researchers, among others.

We collectively can help in our own way by providing e-sign and e-security software services at no cost to help those working from home do more with less time and with total security in mind.

Those isolated need tech tools too, some of which we can provide. We can help those who need to sign documents remotely do so with RSign® e-signatures. We can help everyone who needs to easily collaborate back-and-forth with experts, clients and remote staff knowing information privacy is protected with RMail® email encryption – even inter-office email when there is no VPN set up and with file size no worry with RMail large file sharing. We can help deliver required notices with certified proof of delivery using Registered Email™ messages – no need to have your staff risk their health with trips to the post office.

The growth of this informal coalition is representative of all those IT leaders who are inspired by the dedication and courage of the professionals combating the virus on the front lines everywhere. We are empowering those joining to be able to contribute in a tangible way, within their means and community. This ad-hoc collective of leaders is a beacon of hope — hope that this will be the world’s finest moment with everyone working together everywhere. It has to be.

We praise those organizations that have joined this informal RPost coalition. These organizations are helping in a way they can, by contributing (free) work-from-home technology tools (click to access), professional services time, or their network reach to empower remote workers in their efforts to combat this global health and economic crisis. Some of these compassionate organizations are listed below. If you would like to work through one of these entities, let us know or contact them directly and ask about this program.

Industry Groups, including:

British Insurance Brokers Association

Association of Professional Compliance Consultants

Marsh insurance Bluefin network and Purple networks

NetVu, Vertafore user insurance network

Applied Client Network, Applied Systems’ user insurance network

Insurance Agents & Brokers (IA&B) of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.

Ten Insurance network

Bravo Group’s Broker Network UK insurance network

International Factoring Association

International, Cross Industry, including:

Ingram Micro partners from the Americas through the UK/Europe to Australia (RMailRSign)

SoftwareOne worldwide

Frama partners in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg – to work with them directly in these countries with this program, click here: RMail or RSign.

Industry-Focused, including:

DocsCorp (law firms and corporate law departments) and its cleanDocs

Fern with their Abacus HUB Cloud platform (banks and credit unions)

Kesho (banks and credit unions)

RentMan (real estate)

VTUK (real estate)

DMI (medical)

Dental Technology Group (medical)

Managed Service Providers Everywhere, including:

Danastar (Denmark)

Ariston BPS (Germany)

Mindcentric (US, Zimbra and government focus)

Certicámara (Colombia)

Iowa IT Solutions (USA)

–Posture (USA)

Kennedy Computer Consulting (USA)

Larry the Computer Guy (USA)

–IT Management and Consulting (USA)

–WTC Services (USA)

ASG-365 (USA)

Ezetech (USA)

Magnolia Business Systems (USA)

SharkEye Tech (USA)

Reliant Data Solutions (USA)

Eastbay IT (USA)

Servi Asesores (Latin America)

ISG Software (USA)

PA Computer Connections (USA)

New Level Technology Consulting (USA)

—Talon of NC (USA)

Madeira Networks (USA)

If you would like to join this informal coalition at no cost so as to help your customers, friends, and community fight and beat COVID 19 with the RPost contributed (free) E-Sign and E-Security Work-from-Home Readiness Kit, click here for more information.