Physician Groups Turn to RPost for HIPAA Compliance, Electronic Signatures, and Registered Email Legal Delivery Proof

May 04, 2012 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Physician Groups Turn to RPost for HIPAA Compliance, Electronic Signatures, and Registered Email Legal Delivery ProofHealthcare provider reports on and recommends use of RPost services in video.

LOS ANGELES, CA — May 4th, 2012 – RPost, the inventor of Registered Email services, reports on physician and hospital groups turning to RPost for Registered Email legal delivery proof, HIPAA compliant encrypted email, and electronic signature services.

Dr. Michael Schechter, a physician and wellness center partner, reports in a video that they have used RPost with unquestionable success in terms of paper reduction, proof of compliance with HIPAA data privacy requirements, and proof of who sent what to whom and when.

Schechter reports specific use of RPost to (a) encrypt messages for HIPAA compliance for correspondence to patients, participants, human resource departments, insurance companies, and third party administrators; and (b) send Registered Email messages to protect against confusion about email delivery or timely receipt of important messages or documents.

Schechter further notes that they will begin to use RPost’s included electronic signature services to record patient signoff on affidavits and other disclosure documents.

When emails are sent through RPost services, the sender receives a time-stamped proof that the email was delivered with encryption and electronic signature options. This RPost technology has been granted 36 patents in more than 20 countries.

About RPost:
RPost has set the standard for legal electronic messaging and document services with its patented Registered Email® services for delivery proof, compliant message encryption and legal electronic signatures. RPost services are designed for industries such as insurance, financial services, legal, real estate, telecommunications and manufacturing where the speed of contract execution, data privacy, or court admissible email proof are a business requirement. Winner of the World Mail Award for security 2011, RPost is in use within the U.S. and international Governments, global F500 companies and endorsed by influential American Bar associations. RPost, founded in 2000, has been granted 36 patents worldwide and operates in 8 languages. To use RPost services, please visit

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