QAI, The Global Leader in Organic Certification Services, Uses RPost Registered Email™ Messages

April 17, 2007 / in News / by RPost Marketing

QAI, The Global Leader in Organic Certification Services, Uses RPost Registered Email™ Messages

Los Angeles, April 17, 2007 – RPost®, the leader in managed outbound messaging with its flagship Registered Email™ service suite, today announced that Quality Assurance International (QAI), the global leader in organic certification services, uses RPost Registered Email™ messages for all communication required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) during the organic certification process. The RPost system provides QAI certification agents with an electronic receipt that proves precisely what email content and attachments were sent and received, by whom and when. The power of the email receipt enabled QAI to transition from a paper-based system to a more efficient and environmentally friendly electronic system.

QAI certifies more than 250 million products annually through a painstaking process that involves precise communications with both vendors and USDA officials to demonstrate vendor compliance at every link of the product handling chain. QAI works with companies seeking to label their agricultural products as “100% Organic,” or “Organic” or “Made with Organic” and sell them in the United States. Unlike traditional emails, RPost Registered Email™ messages provide a detailed electronic trail from sender to receiver and validate the original content sent and received, enabling QAI to meet USDA compliance requirements.

“We chose the RPost system because it enables us to be more efficient and responsive to our clients, while reducing the time it takes to process documentation required by the USDA to meet organic standards,” said Hector Flores, IT administrator for Quality Assurance International. “It took our employees only minutes to learn how to use RPost Registered Email™ messages. Since moving to electronic registered correspondence we’ve significantly reduced our mailing expense, and gained speed in the delivery of critical correspondence.”

Behind the Certified Organic Label

Headquartered in San Diego, QAI has a need to document notifications sent to clients with copies of those notifications sent to the USDA National Organic Program. Today, QAI sends more than 150 Registered Email™ messages each month, making it easy to send information simultaneously to clients and government officials in one email message. Prior to using RPost, QAI sent correspondence whose transmission needed to be documented via certified/registered mail at an average cost of over $4 per piece. The transition to Registered Email™ messages saves QAI more than $7,000 per year in postal fees and materials.

“RPost makes it possible for QAI and other highly regulated companies to leverage the power and efficiency of their email by providing a verifiable electronic trail that can be used for reporting and auditing purposes,” said Zafar Khan, co-founder and CEO of RPost. “We’re pleased to have been working with QAI since 2005 and remain committed to ensuring all our customers continue to benefit from our reliable, easy-to-use technology.”

RPost’s Registered Email™ service offers QAI certification agents speed, security and accountability in a simple, cost-effective solution that can be used for an average cost of 59 cents per message, far less than overnight delivery or certified/registered snail mail. RPost’s Registered Email™ service users receive an electronic receipt that verifies delivery, message content, and official time sent and received for any email. For the highest assurance of confidentiality, the RPost system does not retain a copy of the original email, unlike alternative “store and forward” solutions, nor does it require email recipients to download specialized software, click on links or enter any passwords.

About RPost US Inc:

RPost® US Inc. has set the global standard for Legal Proof™ for email. RPost’s patented services provide the email sender with legally valid evidence of precisely what email content and attachments were sent and received, by whom and when. RPost has strategic business relationships with AT&T, Sprint, Qwest, Orange (FranceTel), BTInfonet (BritishTel) and Symantec, among others, to provide RPost services to their existing clients. Available in five languages, RPost Registered Email™ services are also used daily by the United States Government and have been endorsed and marketed by many of the influential bar associations in the United States. Headquartered in Los Angeles, RPost US Inc. has offices in Boston and Washington D.C. RPost International Limited operates in Canada, Costa Rica, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Australia. “Registered Email™” is a registered trademark owned by RPost. For more information about RPost, please visit

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