Management of Risk Surrounding Email Communication Becomes an Increasing Concern to UK Law Firms

April 24, 2007 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Management of Risk Surrounding Email Communication Becomes an Increasing Concern to UK Law Firms

Risk aware firms such as Speechly Bircham LLP and Cumberland Ellis LLP roll out RPost Registered Email™ services to provide verifiable proof of outbound communication

London, April 24, 2007 – RPost®, the leader in managed outbound messaging with its flagship Registered Email™® service platform, today announced that both Speechly Bircham LLP and Cumberland Ellis LLP are to roll out its market leading email risk and compliance management toolset across the firms throughout the spring of 2007.

As the management of risk surrounding email communication becomes an increasing concern to UK law firms, both Cumberland Ellis LLP and Speechly Bircham LLP recognize the benefits of employing a simple to use, low entry cost solution to mitigate the risk of unmanaged outgoing email. With “one-click” functionality, fee-earners will be able to ensure accountability for their individual email messages, sending “Registered” to provide them with verifiable proof of delivery, content, and time with simple email records management features. With no reciprocal agreement needed from the third party receiving these Registered Email™ messages, RPost users are proactively protecting against future disputes relating to email.

Adam Edwards, Partner at Cumberland Ellis LLP commented: “At Cumberland Ellis we acknowledge that the prolific growth in the quantity of outbound email, which includes lawyer to client, lawyer to lawyer, and lawyer to third party communication, much of which is important, confidential and time-critical, brings with it very real client credibility, legislative and professional liability risks. Recipients can deny receiving email or dispute exactly when it was sent or received (no proof of delivery), content can be tampered with and the status of archived email disputed. We are keen to provide our fee-earners with the tools to guard against such risks and to enhance the quality of email service to and for our clients, without impinging on our fee-earners’ daily working practices, without requiring any third party cooperation, and without any upfront or recurring maintenance charges.

Our lawyers can now proactively protect themselves, our clients and the firm by simply opting to send emails via RPost at the click of a button. We then have legal proof of the email content, that it was sent and precisely when it was received.”

Robert Cohen, IT Director at Speechly Bircham LLP reinforces this rationale: “As the UK becomes increasingly litigious, organizations are called on to protect themselves and be accountable for all communication, electronic and physical. Law firms are essentially at the centre of this trend and so must proactively record and archive emails in a similar manner to physical files. We would never allow hard copy matter files to be sent to clients and third parties via standard postal services, so why rely on this for email? RPost presented a simple, all-in-one solution that was easy to deploy, required very little training and did not rely on recipient’s actions or active acceptance.”

RPost services have a simple installation, are fully integrated, have unique features, require no recipient action, software and no seat fee. This solution therefore fits with any archive, records management, compliance, e-discovery, paper reduction, cost reduction, or email security initiative. The RPost platform includes, at no extra cost, Legal Proof of delivery, content, and attachments; electronic signature with sealed content; digital time stamp of the email and attachments; information leak prevention with PDF conversion and meta-scrubbing; electronic contracting by recording the receiver’s reply; evidentiary records of the full email transaction; and extra privacy with end-to-end encryption.

“As an all-in-one tool, Registered Email™® services enable senders to get more value from their messaging platform, permitting them to do more, better, faster and at lower cost, while protecting from liability. We are pleased to enable services for leading professional firms in London,” remarks Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost.