RPost® adds ‘Legal Proof’ to Workshare’s Unified Content Protection Suite

October 23, 2007 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost® adds ‘Legal Proof’ to Workshare’s Unified Content Protection Suite

SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON, Oct. 23 /PRNewswire/ — Workshare, a global leader in information protection and control, today released Workshare UCP Suite (TM) 6, the security industry’s first Unified Content Protection (UCP) solution. Workshare UCP Suite 6 delivers endpoint, gateway and management system modules, and a framework of tools that include full disk encryption, USB security, secure PDF, data discovery, fingerprinting and more. Centralized policies control egress points using advanced detection technologies that analyze content risk. The solution interacts with users of business applications including Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, and most Document Management Systems (DMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

The secure perimeter has evolved into a perimeter-less world that requires collaboration between business entities to stay competitive. As a result, sensitive customer information, intellectual property, and confidential corporate data are spreading outside of an organization via email, portals, on laptops and USB drives and smart phones. Driven by breach notification laws and regulations, enterprises are under pressure to control content in use, in flight and at rest to reduce the risk of a data breach. De-perimeterization requires a security strategy that controls and protects information, not just networks, and at every point of egress across endpoints and gateways. The device has become the perimeter.

“Our business relies on making the right data available, in the right form, to our staff in branches, head offices and in the field, so they can be more competitive and responsive as they service prospective and existing customers’ financial needs. That means we can no longer restrict the data
to just the old style, centrally stored application databases. However, to satisfy regulators and meet our customers’ expectations for security, we have to be sure that all data content is assessed and suitably controlled each time it is created, moved or changed, and you have to provide for information discovery to be sure you know where all the data is,” stated John Meakin, group head of information security, Standard Chartered Bank. “We selected Workshare to help us solve this problem for our 60,000 employees spread across 57 countries. With the Workshare content protection solution deployed, we can automatically interact with the user as they create, move and modify documents, securing data appropriately, and thereby satisfying regulators and most importantly, keeping our customers’ trust and confidence.”

Workshare Protect Premium 6 compelling new features include:

– Full disk encryption technology to deliver safe harbor compliance
– Document hidden data discovery and removal using new Lightspeed(TM) binary context engine
– Content-aware data encryption policies on storage and removable media to protect data at rest
– Content-aware policies for emails triggering third-party actions from Microsoft, IBM, EMC, RPost, GigaTrust, Cryptzone, PGP, Utimaco, Voltage and others to secure data in flight
– Content-aware policies for Microsoft Rights Management ensures documents have access privileges attached to them so they remain secure even after they leave the enterprise
– Integration and support for Microsoft Vista and the Microsoft 2007 Office System

About Workshare

Workshare, an information security company delivers Information Protection & Control solutions to over 6,000 organizations worldwide. Workshare solutions uniquely combine policy enforcement, management control and user entitlement to ensure safe information exchange without business
disruption. Its products include Workshare Protect, Workshare Professional, Compare Service and TRACE! Workshare’s customer base spans small to large organizations in every industry segment with more than 60 percent of the Fortune 1000 and 85 percent of the ProServices 250. Over one million professionals in 65 countries use Workshare software. The company has offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Washington DC, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Paris and Sydney. Workshare is the sponsor of http://www.metadatarisk.org, the definitive source for content security.

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