RPost Adds Microsoft AzureAD User Administration to RSign for iManage and Other Integrations

August 10, 2023 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Adds Microsoft AzureAD User Administration to RSign for iManage and Other IntegrationsRPost Releases its Enterprise Update for its RSign for iManage Integration that Streamlines IT Administrator User Management for Document Management for Law Firms and Other iManage Users.

August 10, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA

RPost announces its enterprise version update for its RSign for iManage application connectors, now making not only the user experience for law professionals sending documents from these platforms for recipient eSign seamless, but also adding IT administrator bliss. Now, IT and iManage administrators can synchronize their Microsoft AzureAD user access policies across all applications inclusive of RSign for iManage, plus once users are signed into iManage their login credentials synchronize with RSign without any need for new login usernames or passwords. This RSign single sign-on synchronization with iManage and AzureAD maximizes document security while simplifying eSign workflows.

“We’re continuing to build our RPost technologies into the ecosystem of Microsoft and other federated user authentication, single sign-on and security systems which, put simply, makes life easier for all of those using both RMail, RSign, and RDocs alongside or inside our partner applications like iManage,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “Now we can not only save law firms and other iManage customers buckets of money when they switch to RSign, but the switch is also seamless with no need for users to change what they are doing.”

Once RSign is enabled in iManage, senders can, with a click, indicate which documents they want to have eSigned, and these seemingly magically appear in the RSign platform for sending, with the final signed agreement returned automatically filed back into the client record in the iManage platform.

“RSign is one of the only eSign platforms that has the feature-richness, security, compliance, and legalities suitable for law firms and other institutional users, and we’re committed to making your experience working with RSign even friendlier – from a technology, people service, and cost perspective,” adds Khan. Aragon Research Identified in May, RPost as Most Innovative in their Digital Transaction Management Marketplace Report centered on eSignature service providers worldwide.

Compared to the other two eSign integrations in iManage, with RSign, it takes only a 15 minutes review for customers to see how they can now reduce their eSign costs by 50% or more.

Generally, with iManage and NetDocuments, with RSign, users can click on a file and “send-to”, “print-to”, or “drag-and-drop or attach to” RSign. Each of these steps magically opens a new RSign browser pre-logged in, with one’s files pre-loaded for configuring and sending for eSign.

While there are many options to manage the returned signed record, with iManage and NetDocuments, RSign can automatically place the return eSign record right in the document management systems’ client record or in another designated location.

Learn more about RSign for iManage, RSign for NetDocuments, or other RSign integrations at RSign.com.

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