AI’s Hallucination Impediment Solved by CHATMAIL, World’s First Smart Conversational Email Service by RPost

August 17, 2023 / in News / by RPost Marketing

AI’s Hallucination Impediment Solved by CHATMAIL, World’s First Smart Conversational Email Service by RPostRPost Discovers How to Solve the Generative AI Industry’s Nemesis, AI Hallucinations, with its Recently Released Email2AI Smart Conversational Email Service.

August 17, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA

RPost announces new intelligence embedded in its smart conversational email service, CHATMAIL™, that solves the problem of large language model generative AI bots hallucinating – inserting made up information into confidently written conversational correspondence. For the AI industry, this is one of the greatest challenges as without trust that the AI models are going to correspond factually, the general population will either begin to lose trust, or worse, be inadvertently and very believably misinformed. 

“It’s the way the generative AI models write that makes it very challenging to spot AI confabulations and hallucinations,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “Unless one already knows the true answers to inquiries, one cannot spot these cleverly inserted purported facts that the AI models use to fill voids of missing knowledge. The combination of the confident tone of the AI model’s writing and the inquisitive state of mind of the human interacting makes the AI models believable purveyors of oftentimes quasi-factual information. We solve for this.”

RPost’s Email2AI™ service is accessible to anyone by simply sending questions or requests by email to Chat@RPost.AI, replying to RPost.AI responses, or generally chatting conversationally by email with RPost.AI. 

Any user today can simply send a question, prompt, or general request to the Chat@RPost.AI email address. They will receive a well-crafted --- and now hallucination and confabulation free --- reply at the speed of email, from RPost.AI. If users would like to refine their question, or continue the discussion by email, they simply reply by email back to RPost.AI. One can carry on the conversation over time, refer to it in their email, or pick an old conversation up by revisiting past emails. Email2AI does not require any account set up and is as easy to use as sending an email. 

“By focusing on our medium of expertise, email, we’re able to do things that other web-based interfaces cannot readily do – we’ve found our AI ‘whitespace’,” adds Khan. “We’ve built a dedicated team of generative AI engineers and innovators and we believe that by empowering users with the ability to communicate with smart chat bots by email, we’ll increase access to this new AI ten-fold. As we’ve stated before, we’re bringing generative AI chat to the world of emailers.”

While chatbots have been integrated with many different applications, until today, they have not been coupled with the oldest and most widespread of internet technologies, viz., email. For the same reasons it is often useful to email people rather than connect in some other way, RPost believes it will be equally useful for many users the world over to use email correspondence to communicate with today’s powerful generative large language model (LLM) artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots.

Beyond the simplicity to access these LLM AI chatbots by email via RPost, accessing the AI in this manner also protects users’ privacy as, unlike with Google, Bing, or other AI chatbots or chat apps, the information a user submits by email is not associated with any particular user account inside the AI models, browser, or app, which makes it such that user queries are not tagged with a particular user profile. 

RPost is currently offering CHATMAIL™ free. CHATMAIL is a beta service offered by RPost and is today powered by OpenAI ChatGPT with additional AI engines being added. This is part of RPost’s Phase II series of innovations within its AI roadmap. 

To join RPost’s AI user group, please contact RPost here.

CHATMAIL™ and Email2AI™ are unregistered trademarks of RPost®. This Email2AI technology accessible at Chat@RPost.AI is patent pending US63/466,919.