RPost Announces OPTIMIZE!2022, Its User Conference that Centers on the “Pandemic” of Cyber Threats; Coincides with Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October 04, 2022 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Announces OPTIMIZE!2022, Its User Conference that Centers on the “Pandemic” of Cyber Threats; Coincides with Cybersecurity Awareness MonthSessions have a “SMARTR Email Security” theme and New Format, Combining Expert Web Sessions with Regional Customer Tours.

Los Angeles, CA – September 30, 2022

Building on RPost’s Optimize! user conferences of the last several years, and adapting beyond the now well-worn virtual formats, RPost announces its 2022 user conference sessions, which center on SMARTR technologies to optimize email security and secure electronic signatures.

“We’ve planned a great lineup of sessions that make it seamless to click-to-join or meet-and-greet our RPost technology experts in the US, UK/Europe, and Latin America,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “By joining us in any one of our planned sessions which extend over the course of October – coined by industry and governments as Cybersecurity Awareness Month – we guarantee you will be able to showcase SMARTR tech tips and tools for your teams, everywhere.”

RPost is hosting three anchor virtual sessions, one per week, starting with a keynote on business email compromise followed by a spotlight on tech security issues facing legal, insurance, and financial services sectors. Coinciding with these events, RPost will fan-out across the world to meet in person at user events that are industry-specific, technology-centered, and security and compliance themed. Finally, in the last week, with a more demo-focus, our product experts showcase via virtual sessions, what’s new and cool in three of our technology areas, RMail, RSign, and the latest, RDocs.

“By SMARTR, we aim to educate on the anatomy of today’s ever-more sophisticated risks and automation desires; and teach on tech that minimizes human error with AI, provides newfound insights to pre-empt cybercrimes (PRE-Crime™ intelligence) even when originating outside of your firewall at your client or supplier, automating more to thwart today’s most sophisticated BEC impostor email cyber lures, and integrating e-signatures to optimize your business processes with feature rich and more affordable secure solutions,” adds Martin Alterman, RPost product marketing director.

Four of the most exciting new RPost technologies that we will showcase in these sessions are:

  1. RMail’s new BEC-focused PRE-Crime™ targeted attack defensive technologies that include automated insights for users and admins about (a) whether their staff or recipient’s email accounts are being eavesdropped on or (b) they are about to reply to a domain that looks like a replica of a clients’ or suppliers’ and more tools to pre-empt and thwart cybercrimes after the hook is in, before the steal.
  2. RMail Gateway’s email encryption, email Active Tracker™ and Email Eavesdropping™ alert automation — the configuration of RMail email security services that can run harmoniously with any other email security gateway services or email program, letting one continue to enjoy the traditional benefits of what one currently uses while optimizing their outbound email security experience with RMail. Know more about Eavesdropping Attacks.
  3. Secure RSign electronic signatures, with its specialized privacy, legality, and compliance settings all accessible connected to any of ones existing web applications or embedded via API.
  4. Enter a new age of document controls, even after the send, with the new RDocs™ digital rights management technology for documents; DRM made easy and accessible for anyone. Create, send, control, or kill documents anytime, wherever they may be.

Kick off sessions begin October 2 in person in Nashville with a grand customer reception at the Gaylord Opryland Conference Center, and an October 5 keynote Osterman Research virtual session with the leading BEC email security tech analyst.

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About RPost:

We’re the global leader in premium, feature-rich and more affordable eSignature and cybersecurity services, and we’ve been continuously innovating for our customers the world over since 2000. From within our three main platforms, RMail e-security, RSign eSignatures, and Registered™ e-compliance, we’re everything our customers need when it comes to email, document and form security, compliance, and workplace acceleration — track, prove, eSign, encrypt, share, certify, control. We do what no other company does — all in one.

We thrive on ensuring that we are artisans and experts in everything we do: secure and certified email encryption for privacy and compliance; eSignatures and web forms to ease digitization of workflows; e-delivery tracking to prove important communications; managed file transfer to simplify secure sharing of large documents and sets of files; document-level digital rights management to empower control of document access even after transmission; and AI-infused apps to prevent data leaks by minimizing human e-security errors. This is why more than 25 million users have enjoyed our RMail, RSign, and Registered services for over two decades across 193 countries. Learn more at the RPost website.