RPost Launches “Active Tracker” inside Registered Email services

September 22, 2022 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Launches “Active Tracker” inside Registered Email servicesRegistered Email™ services by RPost now include RPost’s new patented Active Tracker™ email technology to trace the movement of email geographically as it is forwarded around.

Los Angeles, CA – September 22, 2022

RPost has added new Active Tracker™ email read and forward location tracing technology as an option that you can add to any sent Registered Email™ message. This patented and patent pending technology is a major enhancement to RPost’s Registered Email™ services — the global standard for court accepted proof of legal email delivery, timestamp and content, and its Registered Encryption™ email privacy compliance services.

“This service is a real eye opener — suddenly you realize that after you click ‘send’ on an important email, that email has a life of its own beyond your control and sometimes beyond what you would have ever expected. Now you can see how many times your email has been read, in how many unique locations, and from what types of devices,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan.

RPost’s Active Tracker™ technology is like adding a GPS tracker to your email – the service maps the viewing time and location of your important email through the email’s journey. This provides the sender – and/or their administrators — useful insights of where one’s email is being read – city, state, country — by each original reader or forwarded recipient of the prose sent.

“Beyond the novelty of these somewhat enlightening insights – and your newfound knowledge of the ‘popularity’ of your email — because we have added this to our famous patented proof technologies, there is real utility from a legal, human resources, and tax compliance perspective,” adds Khan.

  • For Human Resources Staff: This service can provide auditable proof that work-from-home and work-from-paradise employees are in a particular location which can either assist with tax compliance or provide a means to create tax efficiencies, based city tax policies where offices are located. RPost’s Active Tracker™ technology now provides companies their tax audit proof of who is working where and when.
  • For Legal Staff: This service can provide useful additional insight as to fact of email engagement which may provide useful insights for lawyers beyond the delivery and “first” open record embedded with the standard Registered Email™ service.
  • For Sales and Customer Engagement Staff: This service can provide insights as to which sales or customer emails you send are resonating with your clients or prospects, based on how many people the email has been forwarded to.

The service is available on any message sent as a Registered Email™ message, whether marked, unmarked, encrypted, or with file sharing. In the unmarked mode, the receiver sees a normal email with no indications that the message was sent with email tracking. The service can be set to provide alerts based on whether an email is viewed in various locations and is highly configurable. (See sample Email Activity Report below).

Registered Email™ services with Active Tracker™ technology by RPost is immediately available for any user sending email using Registered Email™ or RMail services with their apps (RMail for Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce.com, ZolaSuite, Zimbra, etc.), the RMail Gateway service, and any Registered Email™ or RMail integration.

RPost Launches “Active Tracker” inside Registered Email services

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