RPost Debuts Integrated Security, Legal and Document Services for Microsoft Outlook

November 03, 2011 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Resign email securityPost’s Desktop Software Upgrade for Microsoft Outlook Brings a Comprehensive Business Messaging Extension that Includes New and Intuitive Tools for Third-Party Developers

LOS ANGELES, CA — Nov 3, 2011 – RPost, the inventor of Registered Email services, today released a major upgrade to its RPost desktop software extension for Microsoft Outlook. RPost for Outlook 2000-2010 is an integrated messaging platform that provides for legal electronic messaging, business productivity, unique messaging collaboration, email encryption security and document signing services – all offered through a light plug-in that adds a special “Send Registered” button to the Outlook toolbar for on-demand functionality. As part of this significant upgrade, RPost also offers a new special developers’ version of its underlying Outlook software that programmatically launches RPost’s Outlook user interface and functionality. This permits developers to add RPost functions without any Outlook programming complexity.

In addition to the new developer tools for Outlook, the upgraded extension – now available in the Microsoft platform section of the RPost Apps Marketplace – also offers:

    • Support for Outlook 2010 32-bit and 64-bit
    • Extensive configurability for IT staff pre-installation or by end users after installation
    • Security features for IT staff to lock in feature settings
    • Additional advanced sender email and document signing and recipient document signoff services
    • Additional configuration options for enterprise, executive, and network modes of RPost email encryption services
    • New client / reference code capabilities, with automated subject line tagging
    • New user interface with special settings to minimize feature selection menu
    • Ability to force certain features or select by default
    • Multi-language detection and localization

This RPost extension presents the email sender with award-winning services that integrate fluidly with Outlook’s standard user interface. RPost’s “Send Registered” button is placed right next to the standard “Send” button in the standard Outlook toolbar, giving the user the simplest possible option of assigning the RPost added functionality to high-value outbound messages.

The RPost services available to those using the RPost Microsoft Outlook extension include:

    • Registered Email® service, the worldwide standard for legal and verifiable proof for email delivery and reading, official time of sending and receiving, and associated message and attachment content, with authentication capabilities.
    • SecuRmail™ end-to-end secure encrypted email service, with a variety of configuration options to maximize security while maintaining user simplicity and flexibility for enterprise organizations. This service is relied upon by some of the world’s largest companies, has won the World Mail Award 2011 for security, and has become the top pick by the insurance industry in the CIAB Buyer’s Guide for Email Encryption.
    • eSignOff® service, with a wide variety of legal electronic signature capabilities for sender, recipient, multi-parties, contracts, forms and messages.
    • SideNote® service to permit the sender to embed private messages in an outbound email visible to only the copied recipients, appearing to them in the form of a “yellow-sticky note” at the top of the message.
    • Certified Email™ sender authentication services to provide the recipient a simple means of authenticating message author without requiring any recipient software or plug-ins.
    • Digital Seal® time stamping and message authentication, like a postmark for electronic messages. This service now includes an option to add the sender’s hand scripted signature on the bottom of the outbound email and attached PDF documents. The signatures are watermarked with a timestamp and the attached document is additionally PKI digitally signed for content integrity authentication.
    • Document services that transform attachments while en route to the recipient into secure PDF format with options for meta-data file cleansing and file compression.
    • Records management with matter management, message subject line tagging, and options for special auto-routing of message records.
“RPost offers the most significant business productivity tool for both individuals and businesses available today, for use within the familiar Microsoft Outlook user interface. Over the years, we have added innovative services that run on RPost’s core Registered Email messaging platform, with each new service extending the usefulness of the RPost platform to more functional areas within an organization, as well as extending the service to more messages sent,” remarks RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “While RPost Office for Outlook is likely to be most attractive to small businesses with fewer IT resources, the Outlook add-in is also currently used daily at some of the world’s largest companies.”
About RPost: RPost® is the global standard for email proofemail encryption and electronic signature services. RPost’s Registered Email® services enable both sender and recipient to prove, sign, encrypt, archive and collaborate across desktop, mobile and online email platforms, with far less cost, time, paper and risk. RPost services are designed for industries such as insurance, financial services, legal, telecommunications, manufacturing and real estate, where the speed of contract execution, encryption or court admissible email records may be a business critical requirement. Recipient of the 2011 World Mail Award for Security, endorsed as the top pick by the 2011 JMBM Corporate Counsel Guide for Converting Contract and Legal Notices to Electronic Delivery and the 2011 Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers’ Buyers Guide for Email Encryption, RPost services are in use in many countries throughout the world, by the U.S. Government through AT&T’s GSA schedule, within Global F500 companies, and endorsed by many influential American Bar Associations. RPost, founded in 2000, has been granted 35 patents with worldwide coverage and operates in 8 languages. To contact one of our six global business centers or to register for a no-cost trial, please visit www.rpost.com.
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