RPost’s App Marketplace Provides Easy Access to Legal Electronic Messaging and Document Services

October 13, 2011 / in News / by RPost Marketing RPost’s App Marketplace Provides Easy Access to Legal Electronic Messaging and Document ServicesBy Rajani Baburajan – TMCnet Contributor

RPost, a company that has developed Registered E-mail services, announced the launch of a new Apps Marketplace that gives anytime anywhere access to legal electronic messaging and document services for proof, encryption, e-signatures, and high value collaboration across multiple Web-connected devices.

The RPost Apps Marketplace provides end users, IT department and developers with an easy platform to connect their existing desktop e-mail, mobile messaging, business management platforms, and Web applications, routing high value data for processing by the RPost Cloud platform, which is based on RPost’s Registered E-mail technology standard.

The apps in the RPost Marketplace cover all of RPost’s Registered E-mail, encryption, legal, electronic signature, authentication and collaboration services for legally valid proof and non-repudiation, company officials said.

The Registered E-mail technology standard processes high value e-mail messages with a selection of seventy added characteristics that can be combined, such as options for large file transfer mode, TLS encryption mode, record reply mode, and many more to deliver a specialized message product to the recipient, returning analytics, reports and evidence records to the sender.

The New The RPost Marketplace also includes apps for Microsoft Outlook 2000-2010, IBM Lotus Notes, and Novell (News  – Alert) Groupwise for desktop; Apple iPad, iPhone and BlackBerry for mobile. Users can access all Web-based e-mail programs via special Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla (News – Alert), Safari, and Chrome browser apps.

Further RPost is adding new apps in collaboration with third-party software platform companies and developers. Developers and service providers can access the baseline code and customize them for their use. Developers can use RPost’s application programming interfaces (APIs) for data input, feature selection, product delivery, intelligence reporting, and authentication.

In other news, RPost recently announced collaboration with Renaissance Alliance Insurance Services to deploy RPost services with records automatically routing to the Alliance members’ insurance agency management systems. The combination of RPost’s Registered Email service for permanent evidence and receipt of mailing and RPost’s Email Encryption and Electronic Signature services provides Renaissance Alliance users with tools to mitigate E&O exposures, increase business efficiency, and ensure compliance with data privacy requirements.

In the event of an E&O dispute or compliance audit, these RPost services give Alliance member agencies the advantages of legally compliant, auditable records of email transactions and compulsory encryption.

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