RPost and eDist Bring A.I. Security to MSPs Supporting Legal and Health Care Professionals

May 21, 2021 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost and eDist Bring A.I. Security to MSPs Supporting Legal and Health Care ProfessionalsRPost’s RSign E-Signatures and RMail E-Security Now Offered by eDist to Cloud Service Providers Everywhere.

May 20, 2021 Los Angeles and New Jersey — RPost, a leader in e-signature automation and email cybersecurity software services, has teamed with the eDist, one of the largest AI technology distributors in the US, to bring RPost’s latest update, RMail Recommends AI and RSign dynamic templates, to businesses everywhere.

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“To eDist and its partners, you’re really going to enjoy RMail and RSign,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “RMail AI makes end-user security automatic, and with its built-in security awareness training, enjoyed often.”

The RMail for Outlook app has a new feature that builds on eDist’s AI and automation focus. This enhancement, called RMail Recommends™ AI is smarter DLP without the need for a security gateway server. Think in-the-moment training for staff without the time it takes to train staff. Imagine continuously educating on how to better communicate messages of consequence, how to think about email threats and privacy compliance, about how to reinforce your policies, and how to nudge staff toward safe and more productive behavior.

“And RSign simply makes business better for eDist customers,” adds Khan. The RMail upgrade includes automatic access to RSign, for feature-rich and more affordable e-signatures. RSign is more financially beneficial to eDist’s customers everywhere with a globally accepted e-sign service that has been enjoyed by customers for two decades. RSign is simplifying user experiences, and it is assuring access to the feature granularity that digital transformation artists require in today’s API/automation world.

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Quinn Ruelle, CEO of eDist states, “We’re thrilled to be partnered with RPost. This partnership means we’re able to share with our customers top-grade email and e-signature solutions at an affordable price. RMail, their world class email encryption and e-security offering, is not only easy-to-use but also HIPAA compliant, which is beneficial for many different industry needs. Also, with RSign, customers will have a feature rich e-signature solution, which when combined with RMail, takes all of the guess work and stress out of contract management and correspondence.”

“What MSPs and IT experts everywhere have come to appreciate is that RMail is not just email encryption, and RSign is not just e-signatures. They are really what we call SMART-as-a-service–SMART e-sign and e-security.” adds Khan.

About eDist

eDist is one of the leading wholesale distributors of AI software and voice solutions in North America. The team at eDist is hyper-focused on the untapped market of voice recognition software in an SaaS model, which includes input devices such as professional dictation equipment and transcription software that is transforming people’s lives by providing the most valuable gift of all: time.

About RPost

RPost is a leading e-signature and cybersecurity company providing email security, compliance, and e-sign productivity services, used by more than 25 million worldwide over more than a decade. RPost has set the global standard for secure and certified electronic communications, with more than 50 patents granted on its core Registered Email™ technologies, used everywhere to track and prove email delivery, encrypt email, protect from imposter email, secure large file transfers, and manage e-signature transactions. Recipient of the World Mail Award for Best in Security, Best Innovation in IT Award in Germany, and voted Top Choice for GDPR Email Data Privacy Compliance, RPost services are in use in nearly every country in the world, within Global Fortune 500 companies, and endorsed by the most influential industry associations. Learn more about RPost.