RPost: SMART-as-a-Service RMail AI Now Available Globally, Humanizing E-Security

May 14, 2021 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost: SMART-as-a-Service RMail AI Now Available Globally, Humanizing E-SecurityRPost is announcing the first in a series of SMART enhancements to its RMail e-security and RSign e-signature services as the start of its SMART-as-a-Service 2021 product updates. These enhancements automate more important features while also considering the importance of the human factor within e-security and e-signatures. (Learn more at our June 17 Optimize! user conference – click here to register today ).

This major RMail product update, now available worldwide in all supported languages, puts real AI within the RMail for Outlook app, called RMail Recommends™ AI. Think SMARTer DLP without the need for a security gateway server. Think in-the-moment training for staff without the time it takes to train staff. Imagine continuously educating on how to better communicate messages of consequence, how to think about email threats and privacy compliance, about how to reinforce your policies, and how to nudge staff toward safe and more productive behavior. Visualize your trainers virtually whispering over the shoulder of staff about when to use what special email security and e-sign features, and when not to respond to certain types of impostor email — of course without the need to be there.

This RMail AI component automates the common process we humans think through in milliseconds to determine if a particular message has consequence if its content is leaked, if there may be a future question about who said what when by email.

As simple as clicking a few times to instantly install RMail for Outlook and without need to change any email routing rules or do anything complicated, RMail AI secures SMARTly, dynamically adapting use of methods of encrypting, authenticating, and e-signing based on the specific context and mindset of the sender.

RMail Recommends™ is a first-of-a-kind patent pending service that adds advanced logic, which automates compliance, assures greater use of productivity tools, and makes user training built in. It also solves many training and human error headaches IT staff encounter and provides compliance staff peace of mind all the while training users on availability of special email security features in a non-intrusive and time-efficient manner.

RMail Recommends™ AI uses predictive technologies at the point of sending in the compose email interface, to automate recommendations for users or to automatically invoke messages sent to be encrypted with various methods, sent as Registered Email™ messages, or to be sent for recipient e-signature. If RMail Recommends™ believes the action is logically required based on the user’s needs, RMail acts on it.

And now, RMail Recommends™ AI is available worldwide in the default RMail settings for users who operate their Outlook interface in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Danish, and in any language and/or specialized for any industry with a special configuration.

Click here to get started and remember to ask for “RMail Recommends” or RMail AI for short, or simply install it now in the RMail apps center.

(Existing RMail users may install this RMail for Outlook update (version with no extra cost or configurations to start using RMail Recommends™ immediately. RMail Recommends™ is available in all versions of Microsoft Outlook / Office 365 / Microsoft 365 full installations.)