RPost & Florida Bar CLE Educate on Client Email Compromise Cyberattacks

September 16, 2022 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost & Florida Bar CLE Educate on Client Email Compromise CyberattacksEvery Lawyer and Businessperson Should Understand this New Threat Vector, Client Email Compromise, and Early Warning Systems to Thwart these Attacks

Los Angeles, CA – September 15, 2022

RPost announces a new Florida Bar CLE program aimed at educating lawyers – and their clients everywhere – about the most sophisticated cyberthreats impacting the legal and other industries, targeting those lawyers and others acting as payment staff, estate advisors, real estate escrow agents, investment advisors, or transaction closing staff ultimately coordinating the movement of money.

In this Florida Bar CLE educational session (register free), the Florida Bar practice management advisor and RPost CEO review, step-by-step, how these sophisticated email crimes unfold — either attacking you (as a sender) or with consequence to you (as an email of yours is intercepted at your client or recipient and you are cut out of the ensuing back-and-forth between the cybercriminal posing as you, and your client).

This category of cybercrime falls within the business email compromise (BEC) and email account compromise (EAC) realm which the FBI reports is responsible to date for $43 billion of money paid by companies to those posing as their clients, suppliers, or other parties to a transaction.

“There are lazy cybercriminals that send sloppy phishing emails, and then there are organized crime rings that are quite sophisticated and put a team on the task to trick you or your clients into mis-sending money, once they get their hooks in,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “We’d normally call this a cybersecurity pandemic, as it is impacting businesses making payments in all corners of the world… but that word seems to be overused at the moment.”

These technologies are a complement to any inbound email security gateway monitoring that may be in place; now extending security awareness from sender to recipient and even at the (external) recipient. For every message you send, you now have real-time insights as to how secure or unsecure your recipient’s email account is. And you now can get early warnings after the cybercriminals have gotten their ear into your transaction at the recipient before the steal.

The Florida Bar CLE education is entitled, “Is Your RECIPIENT’S Inbox Secure? Extending E-Security to Avoid Email Crimes.” The session spotlights the newest technology defenses (inside RMail® by RPost) called “Email Eavesdropping Alerts”.

Learn What is an Eavesdropping Attack?

“What this does, is it alerts senders — lawyers for example — of whether or not their clients’ — recipient of sensitive email – inbox account is being eavesdropped on for the purpose of timing wire fraud or email payment re-route trickery in the midst of a large financial transaction,” explains Martin Alterman, director of RPost product marketing.

“Sender’s – and their IT staff – can become heroes with this powerful insight, as these ‘PRE-Crime’ early warning signals alert that a crime is in progress but not fully consummated, can save the day,” adds Alterman.

Read more about RPost’s newest PRE-Crime protection services within RMail. Importantly, these are novel patent pending approaches that focus on thwarting the most sophisticated business email compromise wire fraud attacks at several stages of the attack process.