RPost Registered Email Message Overturns Denial of Insurance Coverage

September 26, 2011 / in News / by RPost Marketing

esign email securityDenied Insurance Claim Later Approved Due to the Proof Records Returned by RPost’s Registered Email Service

Los Angeles, CA — September 26, 2011 — RPost, the inventor of Registered Email services, today released a video case study describing how The Graham Company – a leading Philadelphia-based insurance and benefits broker – deployed RPost services  with encryption options to solve the administrative burden imposed by many health insurance carriers with regards to transmitting business documents and correspondence in a HIPAA and data privacy compliant manner, and for irrefutable electronic proof records around submission of claims-related notices to insurance carriers.

“Ease of use was the main reason we went with RPost,” states Peter Prinsen, Vice President and General Counsel at The Graham Company.  While ease of use led to the initial purchase, RPost’s legally valid email evidence is the reason The Graham Company has continued using RPost services over the years. Mr. Prinsen recounts one specific incident when the value really paid off. A property and casualty claim placed with an insurance company was about to be denied months after the claim was submitted because of the accusation by the insurance carrier that they never received proper and timely notice.  And because of this failure to “timely report,” a requirement of the policy, the claim would be denied.

However, due to The Graham Company sending the claim notice by use of RPost’s Registered Email service, they easily tracked down the submission and were able to irrefutably prove the original time the claim notice was sent, received and opened by the insurance carrier. This legal demonstration of proof was enough to force the insurance carrier to reverse their previous position and cover the claim.  Had The Graham Company used standard email to submit their claim, they would not have been able to legally prove the delivery time, content and opening of the claim to the insurance company.

Confronted with the RPost Registered Receipt email evidence, the insurance company had no choice but to approve the claim.

The Graham Company is an insurance and employee benefits broker that partners with business owners in high-risk industries. Joining The Graham Company in 1989, Mr. Prinsen works to maximize insurance coverage, aggressively handle claims, ensure accurate reserves and advise Graham Company insured parties on coverage and claims matters. Mr. Prinsen is a frequent speaker on insurance-related topics and is on the Board of Directors of the Insurance Society of Philadelphia.

“The RPost services are simple for the user, yet return the most legally robust record of who said what to whom and when by email,” states Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost. “With RPost technology, our clients reduce exposure to errors and omissions claims risk while at the same time assure email encryption compliance with data privacy rules.” The RPost service does not require any new servers and can be enabled in one minute for any user.

About RPost: RPost is the global standard for email proofmessage encryption and electronic signature services.  RPost’s Registered Email® services enable both sender and recipient to prove, sign, encrypt, archive and collaborate across desktop, mobile and online email platforms, with far less cost, time, paper and risk. RPost services are designed for industries such as insurance, financial services, legal, telecommunications, manufacturing and real estate, where the speed of contract execution, encryption or court admissible email records may be a business critical requirement. Recipient of the 2011 World Mail Award for Security, endorsed as the top pick by the 2011 JMBM Corporate Counsel Guide for Converting Contract and Legal Notices to Electronic Delivery and the 2011 Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers’ Buyers Guide for Email Encryption, RPost services are in use in nearly every country in the world, by the U.S. Government through AT&T’s GSA schedule, within Global F500 companies, and endorsed by the most influential American bar associations. RPost, founded in 2000, has been granted 35 patents with worldwide coverage and operates in 8 languages. To contact one of our six global business centers or to register for a no-cost trial, please visit www.rpost.com

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