RPost Registered Email™ service Endorsed by The Illinois Association of REALTORS®

November 01, 2005 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Registered Email™ Service Endorsed by The Illinois Association of REALTORS®

Illinois association of realtors endorses Registered Email™ services as a tool to help its realtors do more better, faster, and cheaper

The Illinois Association of REALTORS®(IAR) is pleased to announce its sponsorship of RPost® Registered Email™ services for use by IAR members in their transaction-related email communications, confirmations and notifications among clients and other REALTORS®.

“RPost Registered Email™ service is the email communications breakthrough that REALTORS® have been waiting for – a tool that provides REALTORS® with proof of all critical communications” adds IAR Chief Executive Officer, Gary Clayton, “Registered Email™ messages can eliminate the 8-page faxes that we are sending back-and-forth.”

With the proof afforded by Registered Email™ messages, IAR has recommended REALTORS® use Registered Email™ services to deliver notice for removal of contingencies, record notice of price and status changes, and retain evidence of notice for residential property disclosures.

Several U.S. Federal Government agencies as well as major law firms and insurance agencies, among others, currently use RPost Registered Email™ services to protect the sender in disputes involving email content, transmission time, or status of receipt. Symantec Corporation, a leader in Internet security, is a major investor in RPost.

According to Rick O’Connor, a RE/MAX agent in Woodstock, Illinois and user of Registered Email™ services, “Finally, REALTORS® have the missing link which allows our team to electronically complete a purchase or sale agreement whether my client is across the street or across the nation. I can now improve my closing time and eliminate the need for paper transactions, faxes or expensive couriers. Registered Email™ services are for the REALTOR® who wants to be ahead of their competitors, by offering an enhanced agent service to clients, which reduces risk and allows us to confirm all written offers and counteroffers including verbal agreements.”

Registered Email™ messages also allow confirmation of replies to emails using the RPost “Register Reply™ feature” which allows a RECEIVER of a Registered Email™ message to reply and also receive legal proof of the agreement. This is a straightforward way to take advantage of the electronic signature laws, to bind agreement for offers and counteroffers with simple desktop email. “REALTORS® who want to reduce costs, reduce the time to close a deal, and have a competitive advantage in their market will quickly adopt the Registered Email™ service as a core method of doing business,” remarks Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost.

IAR’s sponsorship of Registered Email™ services demonstrates the Association’s commitment to remain on the forefront of innovation for its members. As the National Association of REALTORS® former Chief Economist, John Tuccillo stated,” Technology will not replace REALTORS®, but REALTORS® with technology will replace REALTORS® without technology.”

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