Singlefin Has Integrated Registered Email™ services Into Its Managed Security & Archiving Suite, Protecting Its Clients from Email Related Liability

January 10, 2006 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Singlefin Has Integrated Registered Email™ Services Into Its Managed Security & Archiving Suite, Protecting Its Clients from Email Related Liability

San Diego, January 10, 2006. Singlefin ( has joined forces with RPost®( to provide its customers with RPost’s Registered Email™ services – – Legal Proof™ email that protects the sender in case of a dispute.

Singlefin’s users who subscribe to its outbound mail security services are now enabled to send Registered Email™ messages with just a few keystrokes. “We make it so simple to use – – almost intuitive. Our entire user base can now type (R) in the beginning of the subject field of any email and it goes as a Registered Email™ message. They type the (R) and they know they are protected,” states Jake Jacoby, CEO of Singlefin. The RPost® system does not require the recipient to have any special software or take any compliant action.

“We are committed to keeping our clients ahead of the curve. The next level of email security is to protect from liability in email related disputes,” reports Jacoby. “Litigators are now realizing that if their client wishes to dispute email submitted as evidence, they can simply deny that their client received that email or what that email said. Registered Email™ service protects the sender by providing them with irrefutable evidence of their email transactions.”

“Because of the ease with which an email can be modified (i.e. often with only two clicks of the mouse), a standard email that is sent or received, archived electronically, or stored in printed form, has limited ‘evidentiary value’ in a court of law. The usefulness of such documentation is very misleading. There is a misconception by the public that if one sees email in their ‘Sent Folder’ they assume that it was actually delivered to the recipient and is safe from dispute. In fact, it has to be proven that the email was sent. Moreover, it has to be proven that the email was received, when it was received, and what it said,” comments Allan Jeffrey, Director of Sales at Singlefin.

“Archiving email from the ‘Sent Folder’ is less than half the picture. With Registered Email™ service and Singlefin mail archive, clients can archive not only what was sent, but also retain legally valid evidence of precisely what was said, sent and received, by whom and when,” remarks Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost. “Prominent attorneys and major law firms are now using Registered Email™ services daily for these very reasons.” Other users include the United States Congress’ Government Accountability Office, the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of the Census, and select U.S. Air Force staff in the Pentagon, among others. Symantec Corporation, the leader in Internet security, is a major investor in RPost®.

“Should an email communication end up in court, for any reason, its ‘evidentiary value’ may be questioned unless precautions are taken. Using Registered Email™ service is that precaution,” adds Zafar Khan. “Use of Registered Email™ services minimize denial of receipt and disputes related to the content agreed to in email transactions.”

“RPOST® is better than using registered letters or FedEx®, since neither can provide proof of content transmitted,” Jacoby points out. Singlefin provides a full range of email security services for more than 9 million users, including anti-spam, anti-virus, content filtering, archiving, and now Registered Email™ services.

About Singlefin

Singlefin is a leader in messaging management and the first company to offer complete Managed Protection Services that are scaleable and configurable for companies of any size. Singlefin aims to reduce money and time spent internally managing complicated messaging system networks. Singlefin’s solutions handle every aspect of the messaging infrastructure from attachment filters, to archiving integration ad back-ups to anti-virus protection, to outbound filtering, compliance filtering, routing and more. Singlefin is currently the only company to handle configurable and scaleable email, web filtering and instant messaging management on so many levels. Singlefin is privately funded and is headquartered in Cardiff by the Sea, Calif.

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