RPost Vertically Integrates into Ingram Micro Worldwide with CONNECT Automation

May 12, 2022 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Vertically Integrates into Ingram Micro Worldwide with CONNECT AutomationRSign e-signatures and RMail email security are now fully integrated into the largest worldwide cloud distribution ecosystem through Ingram Micro Cloud Connect, as an elegant attach for Microsoft Office.

May 12, 2022 – Los Angeles and Miami

RPost announces at the Ingram Micro Global Cloud Summit in Miami, the completion of a multi-year integration project with Ingram Micro, world’s largest technology distributor. Managed service providers around the world can now, with a few clicks, bring the best in RPost email security and e-signatures to their customers everywhere.

RPost’s RSign e-signature services are well known within the Ingram Micro managed service provider community to have the feature-richness businesses need, coupled with settings to meet even the most stringent HIPAA, GDPR, and other security and compliance requirements; all in a more affordable service offering. “We hear from our MSPs that they are saving their customers 50% or more on their e-sign costs when they bring them RSign,” adds Sean Walsh, RPost’s US Partner Manager. “And those new to e-sign praise RSign’s easy user experience.”

RPost’s RMail® email security services are an obvious attach to any Microsoft Office license, as it adds not only the most sophisticated email impostor protection through its AI module, but also auto-trains and sensitizes users as to what is important enough to send encrypted and when; and then automatically sends sensitive messages as Registered Encrypted™ email. “Most important, as our MSPs report, is that there are no support requests when they deploy RMail. Why? It’s so easy to use — for sender and receiver — plus the AI auto-trains users in-the-moment of sending,” adds Zafar Khan, RPost CEO.

RMail and RSign are available in every Ingram Micro market including the major ones of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia; and have been deployed with automation in more than 20 country markets with Ingram Micro Cloud Connect. New markets continuously add, with the most recent enabled being Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Austria, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, and India.

“For our customers, RMail is just like downloading a piece of Microsoft. Real value. Plus, it is real easy to use — and more so now with its AI security and it’s in-the-moment automated training. RMail and RSign are not another flashy button but elegantly simple while full featured,” states Dominik Buchholz, Ingram Micro Cloud Country Manager, Switzerland. “And, RPost has a great NFR program for all of our partners.”

“Customers in regulated industries, those supporting their clients internationally as well as organizations large and small, have relied on RPost technologies for over two decades. We always look to bring the best to our partners, and RSign and RMail by RPost have won awards for the highest levels of security and privacy compliance with the most feature-rich e-signatures, legal compliance, and the simplest user experience,” adds Jyotil Mankad, Director and Head of Cloud Business Ingram Micro India. “Our focus is to bring the best and the widest choice of cloud solutions to our partners. We are pleased to add RPost to our Cloud portfolio and offer our channel partners innovative solutions that will help customers track, prove, e-sign, encrypt, certify, and share. We offer a variety of service plans to fit any company’s needs so that we can be flexible, affordable, and simple.”

RPost’s manifesto is about being there for its customers and partners everywhere, trying harder to ensure that its smart features are easily enjoyed by customers wherever they may be located. “As a partner with RPost, we are now able to bring RMail and RSign to our customers across Colombia. This is great news. It shows our commitment for closer collaboration, with RPost’s robust support that will help both of our businesses grow and our customers succeed,” added, Lorena Rodriguez Espitia, Marketplace Manager Ingram Micro Colombia.

Visit RPost at the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit, booth A30.

About RPost:

We’re the global leader in premium, feature-rich and more affordable e-signature and email security services, and we’ve been continuously innovating for our customers the world over since 2000. We thrive on ensuring that we are artisans and experts in everything we do: secure and certified email encryption for privacy and compliance; e-signatures and web forms to ease digitization of workflows; e-delivery tracking to prove important communications; managed file transfer to simplify secure sharing of large documents and sets of files; document-level digital rights management to empower control of document access even after transmission; and AI-infused apps to prevent data leaks by minimizing human e-security errors. This is why more than 25 million users have enjoyed our RMail, RSign, and Registered services for two decades across 193 countries.