Technologists Think RSign, With E-Sign Searches up 500%

April 23, 2020 / in News / by RPost Marketing

April marks a new phase of global work-from-home migration, as businesspeople are now tasked with powering through crisis anxieties to keep the economy moving. It is the spirit of those who make the extra effort to help their clients in times like these who should be applauded — millions of insurance, property, financial, health care, law, and accounting professionals and their firms along with business and government workers of all kinds, everywhere.

In April, web searches for ‘e-signatures’ surpassed searches for ‘web meeting services’ and all other searches other than ‘telehealth’. TrustRadius research also reported searches for these terms each surged more than 500% in April.

Responding to this trend, Ingram Micro, the world’s largest technology distributor, Frama, a leading pan-European service provider, and SoftwareOne, the world’s largest software lifecycle management firm, have all showcased RSign e-signatures front-and-center for their customers, service providers and partners.

“RPost and Ingram Micro Cloud, working together, are bringing us the products our clients need in this current business climate,” states Bob Appleby of PAconnect, a Pennsylvania-based managed service provider. “For affordable and full featured e-sign, we think RSign. For simple to use email encryption, we think RMail. We can get both with a few clicks for our clients through our Ingram Micro Cloud relationship.”

According to TrustRadius research, service providers, technology consultants, and businesses nearly everywhere are searching for e-sign services now. Thanks to Ingram Micro, Frama, and SoftwareOne uniting with RPost, those needing affordable, full featured, and world class e-sign services can put the best only a few clicks away from staff wherever they are working and for whatever templatized forms and workflows they need to digitize.

  • Ingram Micro CloudBlue has now released its listing of RSign and RMail products by RPost in 52 countries. Service providers using CloudBlue or the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplaces can request RMail & RSign by RPost with a few clicks to make them available for their clients in each market. The new Ingram Micro Go-To-Market Hub now makes it easier for MSPs to create RSign and RMail materials for their clients. (View the CloudBlue catalog for a list of countries and regions). Contact RPost if you do not see your country or need assistance accessing via Ingram Micro.
  • SoftwareOne has made RSign and RMail available in its 90 operating countries for enterprise customers and their partners who are looking for the most affordable e-sign service to scale e-sign and digitized workflow operations. Contact RPost for support navigating the SoftwareOne community.
  • Frama has listed RSign and RMail in eight European countries with local experts to support workflow or product discussions. Start with Frama’s free Home Office offering, which is helping Europeans in these challenging economic conditions.

“We at Frama have placed RSign and RMail with thousands of clients through our UK, Europe and Nordic teams and partners. Our local market-specific expertise helps enterprise customers and those managed service providers master compliance and digital transformation where-ever they require hands on e-sign and e-security knowledge,” adds Volker Sommerfeld of Frama. “We help with best practices to digitize their workflows with e-signatures, security, and compliance in mind. RSign and RMail provide the foundational tools; our experts help clients and MSPs get the most benefit from these tools and the integration into their workflows.”

Each of the above RPost partners have integrated both the technology and the business of RSign and RMail to manage contracts, pricing, ordering and provisioning — with RPost teams additionally supporting clients and partners as needed.

“All businesses today need to be thinking about arming their staff with tools to do more; time, resource, and cost efficiently,” adds RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “We hear new clients are starting e-sign projects with RSign or switching to RSign for the best and most affordable long-term solution.”