More Tools Now in E-Sign, E-Security (Free) WFH Program, Helping in Crisis Across 4 Continents

April 17, 2020 / in News / by RPost Marketing

On March 16, as the Covid-19 crisis seemed to be spiraling out of control, RPost announced its E-Sign & E-Security (Free) Work-from-Home Program. RPost was among the very first companies to announce a truly free E-Sign and E-Security bundle that seamlessly works within Outlook, Gmail, Zimbra, and with mobile devices through any browser.

Users start with free RSign and RMail business licenses for use during this crisis and then can continue to use free at base service levels or optimize with other plans. On April 1st, this automatic upgrade for all remaining free users was rolled out.

This represents a great opportunity to put award-winning e-sign and e-security tools in the hands of more users now and at no cost.

While RPost’s e-sign and e-notary services have been popular productivity tools, there has been an increase in need for more e-security, in particular, email impostor, wire fraud, data leak protection, and HIPAA/GDPR compliant email encryption services.

As a result, RPost will be extending this free program, effective immediately to include these products:

  • RMail Gateway: Security gateway services, an e-security automation bundle.
  • RSign & RMail for Salesforce: Integrated e-sign, e-forms, email encryption, Registered Email™ certified proof, file share, and policy-based security automation.

IT providers and industry groups have united with RPost to help their clients with this e-sign and e-security work-from-home program. This coalition has grown to more than 50 IT providers and industry groups across four continents. And more keep joining.

This is a testament to the solidarity seen during this exceptional crisis – businesses helping businesses and friends helping friends everywhere.

If you or your organization need assistance getting started, are having trouble accessing your free RMail or RSign business licenses, or would like join this coalition, please fill the form here.


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