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RPost 2015: Year in Review

December 30, 2015 / in Blog, General / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

The RPost team thanks you, our community of users, customers, partners, shareholders, and advocates, for another exciting year at RPost. Your support enables the RPost team to continue innovating for our customers, and to maintain RPost as the global standard for secure and certified electronic communications.

We believe the investments we have made over the course of the year will continue to advance the experience and maximize value for our users and partners in 2016 and beyond. Here are some of the highlights from this year:

    1. We’ve separated the company identity and its underlying technology from our product brands.
      • The new RPost website  (www.rpost.com) provides an overview of the entire product line, corporate information, information on RPost technologies, and information on the RPost partner program, R-Alliance. RPost website
      • The new RMail website (www.rmail.com) provides product information for our email-centric platform; along with several means to get started with the RMail service, formerly known as “The Registered Email™ service” or “The RPost® service.” This website emphasizes the all-in-one aspect of the RMail®service as an extension to one’s existing email, highlighting howRMail functionality enables improved security, compliance, and productivity.

        Rmail.com also gives users easy access to training videos, user guides, knowledge base articles, and other resources to enrich their RMail experience.

        rmail website

      • The Registered Electronic Xchange (ReX) is our branded cloud infrastructure, with diagrams for enterprise automation and partner integrations.
      • Registered Email™ is our branded patented technology that underlies all RPost products, platforms and services, with the technologies described in RPost’s more than 50 patents.
      • Our other platforms, RSign, RForms, and RPostal will each have their own website similar to RMail.com in the coming year. These platforms are each in operation and are used by some of the most prominent organizations in their sectors, including Ace Global (RSign), Coca Cola (RForms), and Kenya Post (RPostal). You can expect more marketing campaigns for each platform in 2016.
    2. We’ve added many new ways to use RMail, aligning with marketplace trends and shifts in user preferences. For example, RMail for Gmail is a new browser extension for Google Chrome, adding RMail functionality directly to the Gmail web experience.Gmail web experience
      For our most popular Microsoft Outlook apps, we continue to enhance with more configurable security, large file share, and eSign functions, have added versions for Outlook Online web access, and have bundled it into the Office 365 order process in the largest Microsoft certified reseller networks. We have also updated our iPad app and launched all-in-one online secure messaging, file share, and document productivity offerings such as RMail Inbox.  These updates are designed to simplify access for consumers and small businesses, all the while maintaining the level of off-the-shelf customization required by most enterprise technology purchasers.
    3. We’ve broadened our eSign offerings with a new web-based eSign product designed in collaboration with, and to meet template and automation needs, of our business customers: RSign. RSign has been made available to existing RPost customers. Broad market distribution is scheduled for 2016.
    4. We’ve simplified product education and training while maintaining a sufficient level of sophistication for enterprise technology evaluators. We have added many user training videos, step-by-step user guides, and even a “Knowledge Base” area to the RMail.com website. We have automated, based on user volume and user interface, the sending of appropriate training videos to help users get the most out of their RMail experience. For technology evaluators, we have created technical briefings in our RPost.com technology area.
    5. We’ve simplified the process for third party software applications, cloud marketplaces, and technology distributors to build RPost technologies and products into their offerings. RMail is now bundled with Microsoft Office 365 built into the main ordering-billing-provisioning eco-systems with an RMail APS package that supports multi-tier distributor networks. RPost now offers turnkey sales, support, and user training for resellers and distributors with new partner micro websites and onboarding programs.
    6. We continue to collaborate with industry leaders whose audiences face heightened security threats and regulatory enforcement. For example, The Florida Bar has allowed RPost to educate its 80,000 attorney-members on cyber-security issues and the RMail service; the British Insurance Brokers Association has endorsed RPost services to protect 2,500 British insurance brokers, and RESPRO®, the largest consumer real estate, title, and lending membership organization, has selected RPost as its top choice for TRID e-delivery proof and email privacy compliance.
    7. All the while, RPost has demonstrated its leadership position for tracking and proving email delivery with a five-year contract renewal by a United Nations division for sending millions of RPost Registered Email™ messages in more than 100 countries, returning internationally recognized legal evidence of message content and legal timestamp of delivery. Our longest serving U.S. Federal Government customer, the US Congress’ Government Accountability Office, the auditor of the US Federal Government, completed its 12th annual renewal, renewing using AT&T’s offering of RPost’s Registered Email service listed on its Government Services Administration FSS IT schedule 70. Further, RPost’s largest enterprise customers, such as Aon, the world’s largest insurance broker, General Electric, one of the world’s largest conglomerates, and Telefonica, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, have maintained or increased their usage of RPost services.

The RPost team is proud to continue serving the thousands of corporate customers and more than 25 million users that have relied on RPost services over the last decade. While it is useful to reflect on our team’s advancements and progress over the past year, our strategy continues to be guided by our goal to position and maintain every RPost service as the top choice for new and existing customers worldwide. To this end, we trust you will be excited to see what RPost has planned for 2016.

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The RPost team wishes the entire RPost community a safe and successful year ahead.

– Zafar Khan, CEO, RPost