Easy to Get Started with eSignatures, Secure File Sharing and Email Encryption

March 22, 2020 / in Tech Essentials / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Today’s New Triple Play (without baseball)

Last week everything was as fancy as an iPhone 11. Being on a business conference call with the sounds of a baby happily chirping in the background was distracting. Those good old days (back in February) when anything less than elegance or perfection was disturbing.

With today’s California lock down order of all citizens, the fifth largest economy in the world has nearly ground to a halt. Things will change.

We are entering a time when business people’s expectations will be lower; people will be more accepting of glitches.

Today, web meeting systems are overloaded, phone lines busy or meetings unable to connect. Anger, no. Understanding and acceptance, yes. Your colleague missed a (web) meeting. Anger, no. Just happy to know they got tied up and are still a healthy contributor, yes. Things will change.

We are also eerily lowering our thresholds for the highest levels of security in exchange for more productivity. Today, it must be “secure enough” but also easy enough to use now. Things will change.  (P.S. Hackers are salivating at their newfound work-from-home targets, as inferred by this US Dept. of Homeland Security Alert)

We are entering a time when all businesses may opt for lower cost, perhaps lesser known alternatives, as the future of one’s business opportunities may drastically change. Cost savings are going to be important for the foreseeable future.

But all is better if you can find the best productivity tools that also take security seriously and are low cost. This is today’s “Triple Play”. (Not as fun as peanuts and popcorn at a baseball park on opening day in March.)

Enter RPost’s contribution to the crisis: its donation of millions of business licenses for its RSign and RMail services for its customers and friends everywhere. With its eSign & Encryption Work-from-Home Readiness program, it is now easy to get started with eSignatures, secure file sharing, email encryption simple enough for home use, and more — today’s Triple Play — with no cost and just a few clicks.

Know more:

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Digital Signature

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Free Encrypted Email

Click Here for Access: https://rpost.com/pandemic

And, as a Tech Essentials reader, now you can also help your friends and colleagues stuck working at home with the distractions of clutter and kids playing. Please let them know about this program. At least with this Work-from-Home toolkit, they can easily eSign and don’t also have to wrestle with a dusty old home printer, fax, or scanner or try to enter a FedEx center or Post Office holding their breath until they turn green.