Manage Your E-documents 'Beyond the Firewall'

Manage Your E-Documents ‘Beyond the Firewall’

December 11, 2020 / in General / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

When is Maradona’s New Album Coming Out? The Importance of Clear Communications in the WFH Era

On a recent all-company call, one of our American colleagues (who is not very soccer-futbol-football-knowledgeable) was shocked to learn of the passing of Maradona, exclaiming “But she was just working on a new album!” Maybe the sound quality wasn’t ideal, but such miscommunications are occurring with more frequency now in this era of working from home and having to use video conferencing. (Soccer fans on the call gave a chuckle😊)

The internet is now replete with compilations of “2020 video conferences gone wrong”. Some are harmlessly funny. Others involve Jeffrey Toobin. However, there can be no doubt that we’ve all had to make drastic adjustments over the past year in the way in which we have to communicate and interpret communications from others via video conference. I would even argue that at no point in human history have we all had to adjust so quickly in the way we interpret information from each other.

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At yesterday’s Optimize! LegalTech Webinar, I covered some important science-driven tips on how to optimize communications with clients and staff in a remote world, compiling real tips from legal professionals and their clients. Everything from making proper (virtual) eye-contact, to use of emojis, to “remote” head nodding was covered. Recently, and in a nod to how fast humans can adapt to new situations, I’ve found that people are beginning to be able to tell when others are looking at their own image in a Zoom call vs the image of the person actually speaking—the equivalent to staring in a mirror when you’re out with your friends or co-workers—not a good look for anyone. More on that in a later Tech Essentials.

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Of course, yesterday’s webinar also covered topics of more immediate interest to lawyers and their practices. We covered how to manage e-documents ‘beyond the firewall’, simplifying and securing contract & legal entity management, and replacing certified mail for lien and legal notices. Our panelists came from a wide swath of legal practices—from the US GAO to the Florida Bar to the Self-Storage Legal Network. In addition, many valued RPost partners spoke on our panels like Zola Suite, DocsCorp, and NetDocuments. You can see the full agenda here.

And speaking of the Florida Bar, this webinar was approved for FREE certified CLE credit, which you can still get by viewing the session videos in our Conference Center. Of course, feel free to see the sessions there regardless of your CLE credit needs.

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As we look forward to our lives in 2021 resembling what they were pre-pandemic, there will still be plenty of time until then for various mishaps and misunderstanding via video conference to occur. However, there are tips and tools you can use today so that you’re not asking your Argentinian colleagues when you expect Maradona’s new album to drop.