How to Prove what Content was Actually Received by the Recipient and When

How to Prove What Content Was Actually Received by the Recipient and When

April 05, 2024 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Champagne & Caviar or Eavesdropping AI & Registered Receipt Proof?

Armand here, RPost’s product evangelist. I spent the week in New Orleans at one of the largest insurance technology conferences and thought I would share an insight that really cuts across all industries. Warning: it’s sort of complex, but important for those concerned with financial and business risk.

I learned that in the business of insurance, in particular with excess and specialty coverage that is becoming more high-dollar and prevalent, insurance agencies manage the billing and collections, and pay to the carriers on behalf of the insured client.

Here, as in any business that sends substantial invoices and deals in electronic payments, the cybercriminals are honing their skills. They are employing teams, empowered by AI to compose the perfect email lures, with all of the elegant prose and typos of the person that they are posing as. Which, by the way, is why you need to power up with RPost Eavesdropping AI security. (Click to hear from industry leaders and see a demo on this recent webinar recording).

But what I thought was more insightful is that companies are finding, when there are transposed invoices, closing details, or other payment information circulating (the cybercriminals got in somehow and changed the payment details), people start pointing fingers as to who made the mistake, who sent the wrong payment details, or who has been hacked.

Jeff Richardson, CIO of Shaddock National remarked (on the webinar noted above) how useful the Registered Receipt™ generated by the RPost Registered Encryption™ service is, in that it provides proof of who said what when by email. In this case, it can reconstruct from the receipt, the authenticated content that was not only sent, but irrefutably delivered.

RMail Registered Receipt Authentication

In situations where recipients claim that they received different content (and blame the sender) this can be a big savior - the Registered Receipt™ record. It empowers you, the sender or sending organization, with the upper hand; the Power of Proof™ as we say it at RPost. Legal Proof®.

Now, some are thinking, our agency, customer, or practice management system, or email program stores a copy of all sent items, all sent activities. Sure, this gives you confidence that you or your team SENT something but provides no evidence of what CONTENT was actually RECEIVED by the recipient and when.

Any recipient can simply say, “Have you ever sent an email and found that it was not delivered, at any time in your life?” You will of course have to answer, “Yes, it happens.” And, they will say, “Case closed, if you know that not all email is delivered, then how can you rely on your ‘sent’ record as evidence of ‘delivery’?”

Think about it, RPost Eavesdropping AI pairs well with RPost Registered Receipt proof, just like fine French Champagne pairs well with sweet caviar.

We can help you get the best in technology from RPost. We’ll let you shop around for your favorite Champagne and Caviar on your own.