Peace of Mind Related to Email Security and Compliance

Peace of Mind Related to Email Security and Compliance

August 09, 2021 / in Tech Essentials / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Optimize 2021 Greater Than Tokyo 2020?

The star-crossed 2020 Summer Olympics (held in 2021) will probably go down either as one of the most or least memorable Olympics in history. What will it be remembered for: the durability of the athletes and the organizers throughout a global pandemic? The willingness of some star athletes to drop out of events for mental health reasons? The lack of fans in the stands? The cardboard beds?

Then of course, there are larger questions? about whether Olympic games are worth having at all due to the rampant corruption of Olympic and local officials and the shocking amount of waste when monumental sports facilities are built for only two weeks and never used again. Some sports events in the Olympics are clearly muscled into existence by larger nations who want to beef up medal counts.

And then there’s the enduring question: does the nation with the most total medals or total gold medals get bragging rights. With the US and China respectively headed towards these final totals as of writing this, I’m sure both nations will claim victory.

Looking back, the thing I will remember most is the fact that I don’t recall watching any of the ‘live’ events. I found out what happened through phone alerts, news digests, and 5-second updates on TV. This has been an evolution. I remember watching a lot more of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and then as London, Rio and now Tokyo came and went, the amount of real viewing time declined to virtually nothing.

In the era of TikTok and IG videos, watching an entire session of pommel horse seems like asking a lot—unless you are part of the pommel horse community and can truly appreciate all the nuances. NBC certainly has been adjusting to this reality for many Olympics now, but Tokyo may have been too little, too late.

Out last virtual user conference, OPTIMIZE!™ 2021, was designed in some ways to be the anti-Olympics—no commercial breaks, no cringeworthy up-close-and-personal segments, no dull moments—just an Olympics worth of global tech insights packed into a half day.

Watch ACE IT Solutions’ Don Previti in his gold medal-worthy soundbite video, as he tells his colleagues in the Finance world to “optimize, adapt or die” in using RMail and RSign for its all-in-one ability to deliver peace-of-mind related to security and compliance. Or re-live his entire session first-hand. (Click to watch the full video of Don’s session at OPTIMIZE!™ 2021.)

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