RPost Advances its Analytical AI in its Wire Fraud Pre-Emption Security Suite

August 24, 2023 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Advances its Analytical AI in its Wire Fraud Pre-Emption Security SuiteThe Real Estate Services Providers Council (RESRPO) Invites RPost to Showcase Enhancements to its RMail Pre-Crime Suite to Members, Intricacies that Cannot Be Revealed Online.

August 24, 2023 - Los Angeles, CA

RPost announces customer-inspired advancements in its RMail Email Eavesdropping™ email account compromise alert services, providing more real-time insights for IT administrators at a granular level that adapts based on email patterns by users and those who they send to. This RMail AI enhancement puts more power and data-driven insights in the hands of IT security staff --- and their managed security service providers --- to thwart cybercriminal lures, email interceptions, email inbox eavesdropping, and other tactics that all too often lead to business email compromise (BEC) induced mis-wires of real estate home purchase down payments, escrow and settlement payoffs, as well as the invoice and large purchase transactions wire transfers.

“We’re pleased to have the opportunity to continue to support IT security education across the integrated real estate sector, and importantly, deliver security innovations that take a unique approach to protecting organizations from today’s most sophisticated and lucrative cybercrime – tricking people into mis-sending wire transfer payments,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan. The Real Estate Services Providers Council (RESRPO®), the organization that supports the largest integrated real estate organizations, has invited RPost to showcase its AI-infused enhancements to its RMail Pre-Crime email security suite to members at its September conference in Vail, Colorado, where RPost and its clients will share the intricacies of its technology enhancements that cannot be revealed online.

“With RPost's advanced Email Eavesdropping™ technology, Shaddock National Holdings now has a crucial new tool in our arsenal to detect and thwart wire fraud attempts before they can cause any harm,” remarked Jeff Richardson, CIO at Shaddock National, one of the largest private real estate title insurance companies. Richardson will be joining in the presentation and technology showcase session at RESPRO’s Vail September event. Join this free RESPRO pre-conference educational webinar with the RESPRO executive director, Shaddock National CIO, and the RPost CEO on September 6, 2023 – click to register).

“We endeavor to supply our members with the best solutions to deal with problems facing the real estate industry, such as wire fraud. RPost has been working with RESPRO for a number of years to deal with these evolving wire fraud issues. We really appreciate their efforts in trying to keep the entire industry ahead of the curve,” stated Ken Trepeta, Executive Director of RESPRO (hear more comments in this recorded webinar). “This [wire fraud attack vector] is something that continues to evolve, these types of crimes are extremely elaborate, and there are often cybercriminal networks attacking one of our firms that could have 30 people involved in the fraud.”

Business email compromise (BEC) attacks -- a sophisticated form of impostor email -- are among the fastest growing and most concerning cybercrimes against organizations, according to a new report by Osterman Research (request report). According to the report, traditional eSecurity tools are not designed to protect against these socially engineered attacks that too often result in human-error-induced financial loss. The US Secret Service stated that in the United States alone, on average $150,000 is mis-wired every 37 seconds. The FBI indicated $2.7 billion was reported as mis-wired in 2022 alone. 

“Today’s email security needs to be humanized, and RPost’s latest RMail services that run inside Microsoft Outlook do just that,” states Michael Sampson, Senior Analyst at Osterman Research, one of the world’s leading eSecurity and messaging technology analysts. 

Most commonly, according to the Osterman Report, BEC attackers seek monetary payment as a direct outcome, and types of BEC attacks include (but are not limited to) diverting payment on a valid invoice to a fraudulent bank account, submitting a fake invoice for payment, diverting employee payroll to a fraudulent bank account, and using impersonation of senior executives to lend credibility to plausible but irregular requests. 

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