North American Software Associates Partners with RPost to Bring Advanced E-Sign Capabilities to its Members

July 15, 2022 / in News / by RPost Marketing

North American Software Associates Partners with RPost to Bring Advanced E-Sign Capabilities to its Members

RPost in partnership with North American Software Associates announces the integration of RSign® for its customers. RSign® is the e-signature platform by RPost®, a leader since 2000.

July 15, 2022 – Los Angeles, CA 

RSign® combines feature-richness with elegant ease of use and more affordability at scale. RSign makes e-signing simple and automated for all of your unique document, form, automation, or workflow scenarios. And, doing both in a much more affordable offering with friendly staff guiding you on how to get going.

RSign specializes in:

  • E-Signatures Made Simple: Simple e-sign user experience for sender and signer: Accelerate legally binding electronic signoff with RSign, a simple-to-use and full featured e-sign service. Attach any document and send it to a recipient for e-sign-off.
  • Signature Certificate with Forensic Audit Trail: Records with the highest evidential legal weight. RSign® patents create the most robust authenticatable audit trail embedded in the e-sign record.
  • Privacy with Encryption and RSign Inbox: E-Signatures built for HIPAA and GDPR privacy compliance. RSign® has several levels of security to choose from; encrypt the transmission to the recipient and return the signed agreements and forms encrypted, manage decryption password settings, and create unique access codes for multi-factor signer authentication.
  • Enterprise-Grade Features at Affordable Cost: Every imaginable workflow setting simply included. RSign brings expansive enterprise-grade features at an affordable cost; generally, half the cost of other full-service providers.
  • Automation with Experts to Guide the Way: Rated “most helpful”; experts you will enjoy working with. RSign® makes it easy to automate. RSign offers a full set of APIs, pre-built integrations for and other platforms, and API solution sets with plenty of documentation, code samples, test frameworks, and expert guidance.

“RSign® provides the feature-richness to make the e-sign experience work well depending on whether you need a quick ad-hoc e-signature or if there’s a complex form with lots of dependencies. Plus, features that address various security, privacy, compliance, and automation needs depending on the use case adds RPost CEO, Zafar Khan. “

“We are excited to add RSign to the integrations available to Eclipse customers! Their feature rich e-signature service is an affordable solution for independent insurance agencies. RSign and RMail are integration services that we hope you will consider for enhancing your agency.” – Nicholas Fosse, NASA, Sales Manager.

About RPost

We’re the global leader in premium, feature-rich and more affordable e-signature and email security services, and we’ve been continuously innovating for our customers the world over since 2000. We thrive on ensuring that we are artisans and experts in everything we do: secure and certified email encryption for privacy and compliance; e-signatures and web forms to ease digitization of workflows; e-delivery tracking to prove important communications; managed file transfer to simplify secure sharing of large documents and sets of files; document-level digital rights management to empower control of document access even after transmission; and AI-infused apps to prevent data leaks by minimizing human e-security errors. This is why more than 25 million users have enjoyed our RMail, RSign, and Registered services for two decades across 193 countries. Learn more at RPost’s website.

About North American Software Associates

North American Software Associates, Inc. (NASA) has been automating independent insurance agencies since 1982. Using its pioneering Eclipse Insurance Agency Management System, NASA takes an agent-informed approach to client management. Today, NASA helps more than 1,100 firms manage client communications and achieve their goals through powerful technology and accessible, consistent support.