RPost Launches its PRE-Crime Services for All RMail E-Security Users

August 23, 2022 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Launches its PRE-Crime Services for All RMail E-Security UsersRPost PRE-Crime Services Alert RMail Users and Admins When Cybersecurity Crimes Centered on Email Are in Progress; When the Hook is In, Before the Steal.

Los Angeles, CA and Washington D.C. – August 24, 2022

RPost announces its PRE-Crime cybersecurity services at ILTACON, the largest international legal technology conference. Now, any RMail user or their administrators have visibility into whether the latest cyber trickery is currently in progress not only within their environment, but also at the recipient of their business email.

Well known for its Registered Email™ and Registered Encryption™ features that mitigate risk by providing proof of who said what when, or audit-ready proof of fact of privacy compliance, RMail AI has and continues to evolve and now includes more than e-security risk mitigation; enter PRE-Crime detection. Put more simply, this means stopping the e-crime after the hook is in, but before the steal (crime) completes.

“Precrime”, infamous from Philip Dick’s 1956 sci-fi short story, “The Minority Report” and the 2002 Tom Cruise movie based on it, is the name of a future police agency tasked with identifying people who will commit crimes in the very near future.

“RMail’s elegantly easy email encryption services provide a foundation of email security – for risk management and compliance. PRE-Crime is different. It has four components designed to alert the sender and their administrator of a potential e-crime in progress, before it is too late; whether that cyber trickery is happening inside the sender’s organization or if their recipient’s email account is being eavesdropped on,” explains RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “This is specially designed for lawyers, accountants, investment advisors, real estate-title-escrow, HR, invoicing, payables – well, really, for pretty much everyone who sends email to external clients where there is some sort of financial consequence!”

The four main components of RMail’s PRE-Crime service are:

  1. Email account eavesdropping alerts – alerts if an email to a client is being additionally potentially unknowingly read by a nefarious party;
  2. Lookalike domain detector – alerts sender after they click forward, reply or reply all, before the email is sent, if one of the domains in their recipient list is likely a malicious lookalike domain similar to one of their contacts;
  3. Reply-to pivot detector – alerts the sender after they click reply, before they send, if they are about to reply to an email that would otherwise be (invisibly) routed to a cybercriminal; and
  4. Forward fake email detector — alerts the sender after they click forward, before they send, if they are about to send along to other staff or colleague unknowingly, an email designed to trigger a mis-wire or fake invoice payment.

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“We’re fascinated by this new RMail technology, one that we can instantly enable at the Internet network level for the thousands of businesses we have brought RMail to over the years,” adds Volker Sommerfeld, product manager at Frama Communications, a pan-European distributor of RMail services. “With a click of a button, we can make it so our users everywhere can detect if copies of their mission critical email are already being eavesdropped on — not only due to any breach in their organization, but also due to a breach in a recipient organization that would otherwise be invisible to them. This brings value to our customers AND to our customers’ customers!”

A PRE-Crime scenario is stopping the crime after the cybercriminal has identified (a) who to target in the sender company and (b) with what normal recipient domain to fake; and (c) purchases a lookalike domain of that normal recipient, and further, after (d) the cybercriminal configures the lookalike domain with an email address with familiar email content, and finally (e) sends to the email from the lookalike domain to the target in original sender’s company. RPost’s PRE-Crime technology is designed to swoop in and stop this with specific alerts and awareness just before the crime – one’s funds – are sent to the cybercriminal.

RMail’s PRE-Crime™ e-security services run invisibly in the background of one’s email program (e.g., Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, or any email security gateway) and comes to life to alert staff when a potential cybercrime targeting a staff member OR external client has been initiated but before it happens.  The tech includes real-time alerts if recipient email is being eavesdropped on, if your staff is about to reply to a familiar email address but one with a lookalike domain of a client, and more.

These crimes most often lure companies into sending money to the cybercriminals through trickery or as a ransomware bounty.

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