Xerox Once Again Leads with Document Security Innovation with AI-Infused RDocs Security by RPost

February 29, 2024 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Xerox Once Again Leads with Document Security Innovation with AI-Infused RDocs Security by RPostAragon Research named RPost Hot Vendor of the Year, identified RPost as Most Innovative Vendor Worldwide in Digital Transaction Management, and IDC named RPost a Worldwide Leader in eSignatures.

February 29, 2024 – Los Angeles, CA  

Xerox has just announced the latest release of its Workflow Central Platform, a cloud hosted workplace productivity tool aimed at solving key document centric challenges for their clients. This release includes a first-of-a-kind innovation in secure file sharing with RPost technology that RPost calls RDocs™ and Xerox offers as a new ‘Protect’ workflow.

"As partners, we couldn't be more thrilled about RPost's commitment to innovation. Protect extends the capabilities of our Workflow Central Platform into the uncomfortable realm of document security, is not just an additional workflow; it's a transformative element that allows our clients to regain control of their sensitive data. We're excited to bring this revolutionary technology to our clients and Channel Partners and redefine what document management can be," declares Peter Munday, Global Marketing Manager, Xerox Workflow Central. 

In today's fast-paced digital world, electronic documents are more than just static files; they're dynamic assets that move at the speed of light—or at least, at the speed of a mouse click. But what happens when that click sends a confidential document to the wrong person? Or worse, what if that document ends up in the hands of an adversary?

The Challenge with DOC and PDF Files

We've all been there—hitting the "send" button and immediately regretting it. Whether it's a sensitive financial report, a strategic presentation, or a confidential client document, once it's out there, it's out there. 

Moreover, even if you send your documents securely, what guarantees their safety once they reach the recipient's inbox? Email accounts get compromised, and sensitive information can end up in the wrong hands. Plus, there's the unsettling thought of your documents sitting in someone else's archive, potentially forever.

The Rights Protected Document Solution

Enter Xerox Workflow Central Protect, a game-changing solution to these all-too-common challenges. Built on RPost's cutting-edge, AI-infused RDocs™ technology, Xerox Protect gives you the control you've always wanted but never had.

Imagine having a remote control for your documents—one that lets you "expire" a document at will, wherever it may be stored. Mis-sent a file? Click to expire it. Worried about unauthorized access? Click to expire it. It's that simple.

The Positive Impact with Document Innovation

Protect isn't just about deleting documents; it's about smart management. You can gain insights into who is viewing your documents and when. This level of control and visibility is unprecedented and has applications across a multitude of sectors—from healthcare and finance to government and beyond.

Xerox Workflow Protect

Xerox Workflow Central is available globally and in 19 languages, it also integrates seamlessly into their existing multifunction printer portfolio. This isn't just another feature; it's part of a software portfolio that’s helping Xerox customers solve many challenges within today’s workplace.

This is a revolution in document management; saying goodbye to the limitations of traditional DOC, PPT, and PDF files and entering the new age of SMART Docs. RDocs.

Xerox Workflow Central is more than a product; it's a statement. It says, ‘We're here to innovate, to protect, and to lead.’ And it invites you to be a part of that journey,” adds Munday.

Welcome to the future of document management. Welcome to Xerox Workflow Central Protect, powered by RPost’s RDocs™ patented and patent pending technology. Read a white paper on RDocs technology.

About RPost 

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