Affordable E-Sign and E-Security across the Industries

Affordable eSign and E-Security across the Industries

July 10, 2020 / in General / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

What Sports Center “Top 10” Highlight Reels Mean to E-Learning

As Remember the good old days when there was an abundance of live sporting events on television? The time slots for those big games may have been elusive.
What to do? Set your DVR to record it. Settle down with a bag of chips later in the evening, munch away and enjoy watching the recorded session.

But wait, you think, maybe I can skip some of the duller moments like the pitcher on the baseball mound pacing around and spitting? That fast forward button looks so tempting! You use it but then see something happen and then rewind a bit to try to re-live what you just missed. You wind up repeating this process over and over again, which is not fun or relaxing.

Whatever you do, when you watch a recorded session, you seem not to get the same pleasure effect associated with release of endorphins in your brain – that dopamine rush you get when seeing that memorable, unexpected sports moment when it is live.

Welcome now to today’s world of e-learning. For us, Tech Essentials readers and other business folk, e-learning is often done with a newfound abundance of webinars and virtual conferences. Like many great sporting events, live attendance often does not fit our busy schedules. Also, like live sporting events, these are often available to watch in a recorded, on-demand format.

And, like watching recorded sporting events, watching these webinars or virtual conferences on-demand just doesn’t give you that same dopamine rush of excitement that the live event conjures. The lure of that fast forward button is too strong with recorded, on-demand events.

So, what is the next Tech Essentials prediction for e-learning? Narrated “Top 10” highlight reels for webinars and virtual events – a full day conference condensed into a 15 minute “Top 10” most insightful, actionable, and relevant points based on your industry or interests). Or, perhaps a one-hour webinar condensed into 3 minutes of the “top 3 main points” with the entire events available for those go-getters.

A good test of your e-learning dopamine needs is with the recent Optimize!2020 eSign and e-security user conference. Please vote your preference by clicking below.

— Those go-getters interested in optimizing their eSign and e-security tools who are considering the need for feature-rich plus affordability at scale should watch the (now on-demand) recordings from this conference. Click here for instant, free access to re-live the conference.

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— Those fast-forward-button-lovers who prefer the Sports Center-esque “Top 10” highlights of Optimize!2020 should watch the condensed 1-minute clips of their peers explaining their recommendations to optimize eSign and e-security with affordability in mind. ​​​​Please click a link based on your interest (insurance, legal, realestate/title, HR/Staffing, procurement/purchasing, government, lending/banking, telecom, MSPs, property/storage) to see one sample one-minute highlight clip and we’ll have an Optimize!2020 Top 10 highlight reel prepared for you based on your industry interests.

We’ll report next week as to what percent of our readers like to re-live entire events or prefer to learn with the crib note highlight reels based on your selection above. Please stay tuned…