Most Important Electronic Signature Features You Really Need

September 27, 2021 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Now, Let’s Talk About the E-Signature Features You Really Need It’s been a hectic week what with jitters in the financial markets and strained relationships between great power nations. If all this disconcerting news has made you want to re-evaluate some of your more expensive arrangements with your business’ software platforms, we at Tech Essentials are here to help. Our article last week highlighted feature-richness as one of the top e-signature pro [...]

Tips to Choose an Electronic Signature Service Provider

September 20, 2021 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

The Art of Choosing an E-Signature Provider We continue to get positive responses from our latest "news you can use" insights (we'll leave out the legalese this time). For this week, we've compiled -- from speaking to many e-sign users -- some very exciting and useful tips on how to choose an e-sign service provider. Plus, we've written these top five tips short and sweet (enough) for a Friday afternoon read. Here they are... 1. Feature-Richness 2. Elega [...]

Modernizing “Notice” Clauses in Your Agreements & E-Communications

September 13, 2021 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

The Magic Words to Confirm Receipt of Email (Best Enjoyed With Some Coffee) In our ‘news-you-could-use’ Tech Essentials article last week, we discussed a simple way to modernize your agreements to make them well-suited for e-signatures (and RSign). We presented to you the legalese, the magic (albeit sleep-inducing) words that make e-signatures a legal affirmation for your prized documents. It was such a hit that we thought [...]

Who Needs To Count Sheep When You Have E-Signature Legalese?

September 06, 2021 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

File this article under the ‘news-you-can-use’ category. We know some of our RSign customers use big-name law firms that can transform any simple legal concept into complex legalese that can make any non-lawyer nearly doze off (or break out in a cold sweat) after reading the first few lines. We also know many of our small customers may simply want to follow a model that has already been used via re-using some other legal clause. Of [...]

Your Emails Don’t Need to Wear Masks with Registered Email™ Message

August 30, 2021 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

In places where there are indoor mask mandates like where I live in California there is the phenomenon now of loud talking. What used to be the punchline of a Seinfeld episode is now very much the reality for millions of people here in the LA area and beyond. After a year and a half of wearing masks indoors (and still outdoors at times), the process of ordering coffee, shopping for clothing, getting paint at Home Depot et al. has trained us all to basically shout at one another [...]