Automatically Erase Sensitive Content From an Email Thread After Recipient Reading

Automatically Erase Sensitive Content From an Email Thread After Recipient Reading

March 07, 2022 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

RSecurity, True Content Control for Those Embarrassing Email Moments

Has something like this happened to you recently? You spend 45 mins composing a very well thought out email to your boss with plans and projections for the next quarter. You read through it for typos and other mistakes, double check the math on some KPIs and make sure it all flows together nicely. Satisfied with your work, you hit ‘send’ with a feeling of satisfaction. Then, you realize that you may have sent it from that non-work email address saved in Outlook. You go back to your laptop and look at the sent messages, and (Nooooo!) you sent that perfect work email from sithlord123 @

But your cold sweat dissipates as you realize that Outlook has that handy ‘recall message’ feature. ‘This is great,’ you think as you hit the recall button. ‘I sent this note less than a minute ago, so there’s no way the boss could have read it. I’ll just send it again from my work address.’ Sadly, for you (and perhaps your time at this company), the Outlook message recall button does not actually recall anything, if sent externally. In fact, it may draw even more attention to the note you want recalled because it sends an additional email alerting the recall. Nooooo! Now you just pray that your boss has a sense of humor and/or is a big Star Wars fan.

What Outlook really needs is true content controls so that content can be redacted or eliminated after delivery. Fortunately, RMail now has E-Security Content Controls where you can automatically erase sensitive content from an email thread after recipient reading to eliminate the risk of data leaks with unsecure replies and forwarded email chains. A sender can also disable the ability for a blind copy recipient to mistakenly (or embarrassingly) reply-all.

The specific features that enable these email controls are in an RMail suite called Protect-the-Thread™, which lets users redact selected sensitive parts of an email so that those parts are removed from the recipient’s reply (or reply-all) capability. The Disappearing InkRedact+™ and Double Blind CC™ are additional patent pending RMail features that let you tag certain content so it disappears from the recipient’s inbox after the read once, after pre-set period of time, or blocking sensitive or compromising information (bank numbers, login info et al) from emails that get replied to or forwarded in a chain or are bcc’d.

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From an email security perspective, these protect the sender organization from security risk if any one of their recipients’ email inbox gets compromised by hackers or eavesdroppers in the future — the common root initiating Wire Fraud and Business Email Compromise attacks.

All of these features are available with every subscription to RMail’s new RSecurity suite, which seamlessly plugs into Outlook (read more in product news release).

Can Protect-the-Thread™ and the entire RSecurity suite save you from all potential embarrassment in the future? Nooooo–just potential, career-limiting embarrassment wrought through email. It can’t erase those photos on your phone from when you actually dressed up as sithlord123 at Comic-Con.

RSecurity is available now to new and existing RPost customers. Feel free to contact us to discuss how you can get started.