Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for eSign, Email Security & File Sharing

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for eSign, Email Security & File Sharing

November 23, 2022 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

It’s finally Blaber Fronday! We’re offering a money saving deal for e-sign, e-security and file sharing that happens only once a year.

These days, if you want a memorable catchphrase, you opt for the portmanteau—where two words or names become one (e.g. “brunch”, “chillax”, “Brangelina”). Everybody’s doing it—even health policy wonks (“twindemic”, “tripledemic”) and economists (“stagflation”).

(Don’t yet fully grasp what “stagflation” is? Watch a Johns Hopkins-tenured economics professor here very robustly describe monetary policy, money printing, inflation and the Federal Reserve’s recent moves as he climactically builds up to the “stagflation” part. Appointment television this is not—no wonder they still call economics the ‘dismal science’.)

The other day I had dinner with my daughter, a high school senior, at her favorite restaurant (amazingly, with no phones in hand, only conversation). Inevitably, the topic of colleges came up, and she mentioned one I had never heard of: Stoxbridge where so much of the British upper crust apparently attended. I googled the name later to find out that it was, yes, a portmanteau of the three best Universities in the UK:


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The portmanteau has, indeed, a wonderful ability to reduce several things into one catchy word or two, usually to humorous effect.

Stoxbridge. Hmm. My mind drifted a bit to RMail’s latest tech, while waiting for the food to arrive. RMail’s latest tech, which combats today’s sophisticated cybercriminal attacks that cause business-email-compromise-induced mis-wires of client funds to cybercriminal accounts (aka wire fraud) is called PRE-Crime, a portmanteau of pre-empting cyber-crime (i.e., after the hook is in, before the steal).

[Watch these webinars to learn more: For title insurance, real estate, escrow, transactional attorneys click hereFor lawyers click here (plus get bonus CLE credits for Florida lawyers)For insurance professionals, click here.]

So, I’m going to put a stake in the ground and create another new portmanteau term. This one’s all about doing our part to help you think about your cybersecurity, email security, file sharing, and eSignature tech as an inflation (or stagflation) hedge. (Join our upcoming tech stagflation hedge webinar to learn more.)

What if we were to merge Black Friday into Cyber Monday and just have two weeks of great specials all in one? We’ll call it Blaber Fronday (for the urban dictionary, we’ll hope they explain the word pair having roots of Bla-ber Fr-onday as in Bla-ck Fr-iday Cy-ber M-onday).

What do you get on Blaber Fronday?

(Click here to request and mention “Blaber Fronday Special” in the form)

  • For e-signers, if you switch to RSign, we’ll guarantee 50% cost savings on what you currently use, plus we will buy out your current contract duration (contact us for credit details). We’ll even include our iManage, NetDocuments and AzureAD integrations/apps migration at no additional cost.
  • For e-security folks, we’ll include all our PRE-Crime features at no extra cost in all our incredibly low cost RMail cloud gateway service plans (includes Email Eavesdropping and Lookalike Domain alerts, AI automated email encryption and more).
  • For file sharers, we’ll include up to 1GB file transfers free in all our RMail service plans.

Learn What is an Eavesdropping Attack?

While Blaber Fronday is a US-inspired shopping discount holiday we’re offering through the end of November, we’ll consider extending it to the UK, considering this was partially inspired by those fine British institutions, Stoxbridge. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!