Switch to RSign and Enjoy 50% Off on eSign Costs – Act Now, Offer Expires January 1st!

Switch to RSign and Enjoy 50% Off on eSign Costs – Act Now, Offer Expires January 1st!

December 22, 2023 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

This eSign offer will self-destruct get 3 award-winning products for the Price of 1.

It’s been a great 2023 for some. For others, it’s been amazingly frustrating to see the cost of everything seemingly double from where things were a few years ago.

Everything, that is, other than RPost services. But all good things must come to an end…even we at RPost cannot buck the trend of having government print too many bucks (dollars) causing the inflation that we’ve seen.

So, to help all of those who have been thinking about how to save money (50% or more) on their eSign costs by switching to RSign, or those that simply need a better way to electronically have legal proof of e-delivery with Registered Email™ services, or perhaps those looking for the most innovative new tools in Email Eavesdropping™ detection or document-centric security and compliance, we’ve got something for you.

Before that last bastion of price increase holdouts cave and increase prices in 2024 (yes, we at RPost will, after many years of maintaining our current price points, be increasing prices in January), we have a very special offer for you.

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Electronic Signature

Digital Signature

But, this offer will self-destruct on January 1st.
Better than a year-end 2-for-1 special…we’re offering 3 for the price of 1! So, what exactly do you get?

RMail: To cover your email security needs. A must-have on top of your Microsoft or Gmail security.

RSign: To speed up your deals. IDC named it a worldwide leader in eSignatures. Switch to RSign and save a ton of money or switch it on and save a ton of paper.

RDocs: A remote control for your sensitive documents letting you kill mis-sent docs or see who is viewing what when where, even after sent.

From now until the end of the year, if you buy any one of RPost’s Standard or Business service packages for RMail, RSign, or RDocs, we’ll add the other two services at no added cost.

For this special, you must use RPost’s online store to purchase directly before the end of the year, purchase any pre-paid annual Standard or Business plans as a new customer; and, after the purchase on Tuesday, January 2, we’ll add the other two packages to each user (up to ten) for whom you purchased services.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about this very special inflation-busting buck saving year-end special.