Top 5 Insurance Tech Issues & Insights From AppliedNet at Optimize!22

Top 5 Insurance Tech Issues & Insights From AppliedNet at Optimize!22

November 09, 2022 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

From AppliedNet, The Top 5 InsurTech Peer Insights (We Took Notes For You)

To extend the premise of today’s in-person user conferences – learning from peers – we’ve prepared a list of the five most significant issues or insights that we heard from insurance agents’ and brokers’ conference participants in October.

Top 5 insurance tech insights:

  1. Elegantly easy email encryption means easy for intended recipients. What we heard over and again, is that not all email encryption is alike. While some like to “check-the-box” by enabling Microsoft encryption, or other clunky ones, eventually they all come back to RMail. Why? We heard (a) today’s RMail automates for the sender – either with DLP inside the Outlook interface or at the outbound security gateway covering all agency management systems and mobile email; and (b) RMail dynamically adapts the user experience for the (intended) recipient based on the message type and recipient system, so that it is seamless, blissfully seamless. And further, with the returned Registered Receipt™ compliance record, the sender not only enjoys proof of content delivered, but also auditable proof of privacy compliance. We heard that, while some MSPs and IT consultants are promoting going all-in with Microsoft encryption, those that tried to switch got such backlash from clients who were burdened by Microsoft’s (and others’) clunky experience, they quietly switched back to RMail email encryption. Go RMail! (Click to join our next RMail product webinar).
  2. Enabling eSignatures without the rationing. We heard from conference goers that it would make IT easier if one could simply enable a world class eSignature service for all firm staff — and do so affordably, and fully 2-way integrated into Applied and other platforms. You guessed it; you can with RSign eSignatures and its certified connectors for these insurance and other CRM and document management systems and applications. As firms become more cost conscious, RSign is your inflation hedge. For every $10K you spend today on eSignature services, RSign will put $5K back into your pocket if you switch to RSign. (Click to join our next RMail product webinar).
  3. Email account compromise and BEC are major threats, arguably, as conference goers explained, more consequential than being out of compliance for privacy as the financial impact is swift, direct, and embarrassingly costly (as mis-wiring $20K to $100K to cybercriminals would be – or if your clients mis-wire your invoice payments). Having advanced detection techniques to visually see whose account is currently being eavesdropped on by cybercriminals is, today, a must-have. Now you can with RMail’s Email Eavesdropping™ alerts. These show you in real-time which email accounts are being eavesdropped on, along with all the metadata related to the eavesdropping packaged nicely for further response. And, it can be enabled on any outbound email from any device without the need for any plugins. It rides along with RMail email encryption so you can be privacy compliant and cybersecure. (Read more about RMail’s new PRE-Crime™ intelligence).
  4. Mistakenly addressing an email to the wrong person due to the pace of sending (human error) or being lured by cleverly constructed lookalike domains (cybercriminal trickery) is a major risk, so we heard at the conferences. Inbound gateways stamping markings on most inbound email makes one numb to the warning (read our Cry Wolf blog). There must be a better way, conference goers exasperated. And, now there is, with RMail’s Lookalike Domain™ alerts that run inside Outlook, protecting against both human error and these tricky cybercriminal lures. (Read more).
  5. Eliminating documents floating out on the ether after a review ends or if transmitted in error – is emerging as a must-have, we heard. However, the consensus is that it has to be simple to do (not require any companion software at the recipient, storage in the middle, or special Microsoft license complexities) and it has to work — kill the documents permanently — even after downloaded at a recipient or further circulated. RPost’s new RDocs™ does just this – and it lets you track views, track readers, restrict readers, or kill documents after the send. (Join webinar to learn more).

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