What Were the Biggest News Stories at RPost in the Past Year?

January 05, 2023 / in News / by RPost Marketing

What were the biggest news stories at RPost in the past year?

Happy New Year from all of us at RPost! 2022 was another busy year for us, filled with great new partnerships and products as we saw our business and client profile grow to new heights—even with the specter of inflation and recession looming over us.

As I mentioned in our recent Tech Essentials 2022 recap, our optimism for having a brave new decade has not diminished. We are looking forward to a fantastic 2023 for us, our customers, and friends. We are, as ever, uniquely focused on being the leaders in e-sign and e-security innovation. So, I’d like to recap some of the biggest RPost News from 2022, as we now look forward to 2023:

In February, RPost launched the RSecurity Human Error Protection Suite to tackle the growing threat of business email compromise (BEC) and wire fraud. You may recall that a recent Osterman Research study shows that a majority of organizations are concerned about BEC attacks but are ill-prepared to protect against them. The RSecurity Human Error Protection Suite solves for these concerns head on. This cutting-edge product suite solves the main challenges not addressed by traditional email perimeter and gateway security services, and it does so in the flow of email sending and within Microsoft Outlook in Microsoft 365.

As a land war broke out in Europe for the first time since WWII, RPost was donating encrypted communications to those disrupted by Ukraine crisis. Just as SpaceX donated Starlink satellite e-links in Ukraine, we donated the secure messaging application to make those e-links useful for those disrupted — wherever they may be and on whatever network connection they were working on.

A major theme we covered in the second half of the year was the concept of “pre-crime”. Movie fans may recall that 2022 was the 20th anniversary of Minority Report where a future police agency is tasked with identifying people who will commit crimes before they are actually committed. In a similar vein, we released RMail’s one-of-a-kind PRE-Crime suite for all RMail users at the end of the summer.

RMail’s PRE-Crime™ e-security services run invisibly in the background of one’s email program (e.g., Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, or any email security gateway) and comes to life to alert staff when a potential cybercrime targeting a staff member or external client has been initiated but before it happens. The tech includes real-time alerts if recipient email is being eavesdropped on, if your staff is about to reply to a familiar email address but one with a lookalike domain of a client, and more.

Looking to RSign, we announced in August that it would seamlessly run inside the most popular legal document management platforms, iManage and NetDocuments. This would greatly improve the user experience for law professionals sending documents from these platforms for recipient eSign. Once RSign is enabled in these platforms (cloud, server, and legacy versions) senders can indicate with a click which documents they want eSigned. And while there are many options to manage the returned signed record, with iManage and NetDocuments, RSign can automatically place the return eSign record right in the document management systems’ client record or in another designated location. And, the same 2-way integrations work for other platforms like Salesforce.com, Applied Epic, and more.

Finally (and not to toot our horns too much), in November RPost received numerous accolades from its Optimize!22 hybrid month-long user conference. From the many insurance user group sessions, we recorded the top industry insights (read more here). As for within the international legal tech community, we also noted their top challenges and tech requests (read more here). And, for title insurance, real estate and escrow firms, we noted the top 3 e-security insights (read more here). Many of our customers in attendance appreciated our approach to e-signatures and our discussion of RSign as a tech inflation hedge. And most spoke about their newfound appreciation for the elegantly easy RMail email encryption user experience — especially for recipients.

We hope you (re)enjoy these news items articles from 2022. If you want to read about all our news items from the past year and beyond, please click here. As always, feel free to contact us to discuss how all products should be in your tech toolbox for 2023.